HHO Generator HHO Dry Cell Kit – HHO Diy Kit Sale

Yeh readers our friends over at hho2u.com seem to be in a fix.

hho generator - hho kit sale

HHO Generator Kit On Sale

Seems some Scallywage put a down on a large Wholesale order of hho dry cells and then backed out. As you know hho2u has always given their all to provide the best hho kit for the buck.
Well right now until the end of the month you can pick up your 11 or 21 plate complete hho kit at even better prices as they need to liquidate some dry cells quick.
It is a shame but this hho kit sale could be your chance to save big on your hho dry cell kit. If you have ordered an hho kit from these guys and are thinking of getting one for another vehicle Now is the time; get a free Pwm or huge discount on your hho kit and help these guys at the same time.
Check out the hho kit Sale here.

Update (Aug. 25 2012) On top of the awesome hho kit deals as stated above hho2u has finally allowed their awesome 3 hole hho dry cell to be released in a diy kit. This means that you can get the same superior design that has made this hho dry cell very well known around the world in a Diy hho dry cell kit in any configuration from 11 to 25 plates and put the cell together yourself for about

Only Buid your own hho dry cell available

Best hho kit for Diy cell builders

1/2 the cost.

2hho.com is the only authorized site to offer these kits so if you see “copies” out there they are essentially stealing the design and do not have permission to sell the one and only hho2u 3 hole hho dry cell – real deal  here – Diy hho dry cell

Australia HHO – HHO Austrlian Install

HHO Generators Spread Over Australia Like Wildfire

HHO Installers in Australia

Australian residents seem to be more honest when it comes to business transactions and more willing to share a good thing with friends and such.

HHO2u hho dry cells has supplied our Hydrogen on demand systems to customers all over the world and of  the many countries we deal with it seems that hho installers in Australia have the most honest and straight forward approach to business. What i mean is this – They would rather share a good thing with others than try to Steal and copy your product as we have seen others do with our hho dry cell design in other countries.

One HHO Dry cell kit - build hho drycellAustralia HHO testimonial :

Hi Larry yes doing a rebuild as water was sucked into the main container from the bubbler which only had normal water in it and I had no non return valve to stop the backflow. I pulled one apart and it had mud inside so I am going to rebuild the 4 of them. When the hho dry cells were on the vehicle I got incredible extra horsepower but no increase in fuel economy. I am still experimenting with them. I think a pulse width modulator may be the way to go as I only have a 40 amp 24 volt alternator on my vehicle to run 4 generators.

I may go back to running just one pair for the time being as I was getting 3LPM from one pair of your hho drycells but no more gas from 2 pairs but had an increase drain on the alternator. We’ll see Larry.

The extra power especially up hills was unbelievable and that is really what I was after, extra horsepower.

Frank –

hho dry cell Australia

HHO Generators – Canada HHO Installers Beat Gas Prices

Gasoline is one of the most heavily taxed consumer products in Canada – in fact, gasoline taxes comprise almost 50 per cent of the retail gasoline pump price. Although gasoline taxes were originally intended for fixing and maintaining our roadways they have now become an important revenue source for governments.

There are many Canadian residents that are feed up with high gas prices and are fighting back by installing a device called an hho dry cell on their vehicles and reporting huge fuel savings. These small units work by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen, sounds to good to be true, well check out the feedback from World wide hho installers.

The federal government collects almost $4.7-billion in annual gas taxes but invests less than 3% in road construction and highway development. Studies have shown that federal and provincial governments together receive an estimated $10 billion per year in gasoline taxes. HHO Canada - Canada Hydrogen Generator

Learn more about installing Hydrogen on demand in Canada at HHO Generators


HHO Generators in Europe – HHO Dry Cell

Check out some of the awesome results being achieved by hho European experimenters.

Greece hho dry cell :best European hho dry cell
To Larry (hho2u.com) We have thoroughly tested the 11 plate system on a 1600 Hyundai petrol car and have received results of an amazing 52% gain in mileage. My mechanic is blown away, these are real results, as I said we tested over and over. I am excited, please send me a wholesale invoice for 5) 11 plate hho dry cell kits and 4) 21 plate systems.
Thank you – George from Greece

The need for simple and affordable fuel savings devices has taken off in European countries and hho2u.eu is becoming the supplier to go to for the right hho generator.

Check out more positive hho Europe results at:

hho Europe dry cell

HHO Europe – Finding HHO Generators in Europe

Hi Everyone – If  you are in Europe and looking for the best hho generators, we can help you find the best hho European Dry Cell.

HHO2u.com has been supplying HHO generators and hydrogen on demand systems built with their awesome hho dry cells to European hho experimenters for some time now. These hho dry cell systems are bringing back awesome results in Netherlands, Greece, Italy and all over Europe.

If you are in Europe and are looking for HHO Generators these hho Dry cells are the way to go.

Try this link for hho Europe. hho Europe - hho2u dry cell design

What Really Makes A HHO Dry Cell Dry ?

Is The HHO Drycell Dry ??

Ok people here it is —
It is not dry – the “hho dry cell” uses water to create hho gas, just like the hho wet cell generators.
The darn thing should have been named an hho sealed cell. The water is in a reservoir and feed to the hho generator ( dry cell )
Please read this hub what is a HHO Dry Cell.
If this does not answer your questions go to best hho dry cell.
Thanks for coming by our hydrogen on demand blog.
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11 plate or 21 plate hho dry cell

hho2u dry cell design - 11 or 21 plate

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Hydrogen on Demand is By No Means Switching Fuel

These idiots simply do not want you and I to be able to ADD something like HHO gas to help burn this nasty fossil fuel.

Note 1) 40 CFR Part 85 Sub part F requires certification of aftermarket fuel conversions to avoid violating the anti-tampering provisions in Section 203(a) of the Clean Air Act. EPA considers supplemental fuel systems such as an on-demand supply of hydrogen to be a type of fuel switching.
Anyone out there that has run into a problem with these guys or any agency that made you remove your hho generator please post or contact me HHO Generator Dry Cell