Our HHO Dry Cell and HHO Dry Cell Kits

Best HHO Dry Cells

Our HHO Dry Cell
is assembled from all top of the line materials

The plates are
3.5″ x 3.5″ 18 gauge 316L stainless steel — The O Rings are 3/32″ compressed to 1/16″ — The O Rings
are EPDM rubber heat resistant to 260 degrees — The Acrylic is 4″x4″x1/2 OR 7″x7″x1/2 thick rated at 300 degrees — The 2 hose barbs are 1/4″ — The attachment bracket angles are aluminum — 2 1/4-20 wing nuts for easy connection to the power source.


All of our cells are tested before they are

Here is a
link to our instructions, You can see for your
self how easy it is.


All plates are
18 gauge 316L


Complete HHO Dry

Cell Kits


11 Plate Dry Cell

Dual MAP enhancer

6′ Black wire

6′ #10 Red wire

6′ reinforced 1/4″ tubing

6 Zip ties

6 Self Tapping Mount Screws

6 Hose Clamps

12 Electrical Connectors

50 AMP Gauge

Bubbler tank

4 Hose Barbs



This is no doubt the most complete Hydrogen on Demand System you will find for these Prices – If you can find these HHO drycells for Less They ARE NOT The Same Quality !

$195 11 PLATE KIT HHO Dry Cell Complete Kit

$259.00 SHIPPED – 21 PLATE KIT

Hydrogen on Demand Systems You Can Trust

11 responses to “Our HHO Dry Cell and HHO Dry Cell Kits

  1. I am doing research into using HHO on my Ford F250 diesel. Could you give me any advise on how this system works on diesel engines and how much HHO production does your 11 plate kit put out. I’m not sure how much HHO you need to get optimum performance. I’ve seen similar kits with only 9 plates and others with much more but then the amps needed climb significantly. The 9 plate I’ve seen professes to get 1 liter every 43 seconds, so about 1.25 lpm. Thanks, I am really glad that you and the others are moving this technology forward.

    • Sent you an email in reply. HHo gas works great on diesel application. In fact it is most of the time an easier install because of no O2 to try and trick. When installing an hho generator on a diesel the rule of thumb is at least 1/2 LPM of hho gas.
      As far as the 9 plate you are probably referring to – please go to our site and watch the HHo Dry Cell comparison vids. Before you buy any HHo Dry cell.

  2. why do we need to use the dry cell on a vechile that has 02 sensors, why can’t we use them on bikes or cars that don’t use 02 sensors? After all we can turn the amount of fuel back so it doesn’t use so much, It mite take a little longer but about the same results in the long run right?

    • Absolutely Bill – HHO generators in general work best on any motor that you have control of the fuel mixture.
      Our best test results were on “old school motors with our hho dry cell systems.
      You can see a partial post and Pics. of a motorcycle hho install at hho2u.com

  3. please give me a price on your new silicone O ring gaskets. also do you have bigger sizes? and can I buy them in quaintly?

    • Sorry Steve – at this time we are not selling these gaskets so as to set our hho dry cells apart from all those who have copied our awesome design and claimed it to be theirs.
      Please contact us at hho2u.com and we will help you out.

  4. i have a 125cc bike, i want to purchase this kit,were is available and how to buy.what is the price in indian currancy?

    • So Sorry we did’nt catch this comment earlier
      You can buy the best hho dry cells on the market at hho2u.com.
      Can also get the same dry cells in a DIY kit and assemble the cells yourself at 2hho.com – diyhhodrycell

  5. Buonasera, sono un commerciante italiano, sono interessato a fare istallazione dei vostri prodotti, e commerciali in Italia e Marocco. In attesa un salutoGiuseppe

    • Translate for our English readers:
      Good evening, I’m an Italian trader, are interested in making installation of your products, and trade in Italy and Morocco. Pending a saluto Giuseppe
      Hi again Giuseppe :
      I replied on your other post. If you want to get into the HHO business hho2u is the place to go.
      You will find nothing but the best hho generators with them. There are installers all over the globe happy with these hho dry cells.

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