How is HHO gas utilized in your gas or diesel engine. When you convert your car to “RUN on WATER” you are not just dumping water into your motor. You are adding a system known as hydrogen on demand. Through a process of electrolysis water that is in a sealed container under your hood is converted to hydroxy also known as browns gas or HHO gas. This gas is then injected in the intake manifold using your engines vacuum. This gas when mixed with the gasoline or diesel providing better mileage per gallon of fuel.

The process is so amazingly simple, although you will find many different styles and sizes when you search for Hydrogen generators or hho generator they all work on the same principle. Most homemade hydrogen generators are easy to build. water4gas started with a sealed quart size container, electrical wiring, baking soda, an automotive fuse and some vacuum hose and you have a Hydrogen on demand system. Such a system can be made for under $100 per vehicle. Unfortunately this type of hho generator is only good for maybe a science fare project at best.

The best hho generator being designed now is the hho dry cell design

There are forums on line that focus on HHO gas or browns gas technology as an alternative energy to reduce car emissions, increase gas mileage and improve power. HHO devices for cars are starting to get noticed. We have used several guides to built Hydrogen generators and have compiled our own book that will be publish soon for those that are interested in this awesome technology.

Meanwhile if you want to learn more about how hho works go here.

3 responses to “HHO HOW IT WORKS

  1. We did have a basic water4gas ebook on our website in 2008 that shows all of the water4gas plan and our 14 spiral upgraded unit for only $9.99. You don’t get the myriad of info you get from Ozzie but it is a very low cost way to get up and running with your hho system.
    Now 2012 We have been building the best HHO Dry Cell for Years
    Thank you HHO installers World Wide

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