Just thought I would put it out there that there is a Thieving Dog In India using pictures stolen from us and to advertise an hho dry cell. Don’t know for sure yet wither they are copying the design and selling hho dry cells and systems in India and surrounding.

HHO India has a bad rap already and can not be confused with the real deal designed way back in 2008 by

India HHO - hho in India


Anybody with more info on these guys please leave a comment.

HHO in India – Our HHO Dry Cells in India ?

Hi Guys, sorry I havent had time to post lately, trying to make ends meet.

HHO dry cell kits in India


Thought I would throw this out there – I stumbled over a site called hhoindia dot com and the dude has a pic of MY 21 plate dry cells as his product. Started searching the guy out and found some bad reviews and such. Anyone heard of this hho India ?

He is mostly peddling the hydro 9 plate wich he probably gets for 40.00 from hydro*** and in my opinion not worth that.

Anyone know anything about this India hho guy please let me know as we are about to enter into a long term deal with a legitimate company in India for some real hho system that will do what we say. Testing hho India ongoing.

HHO Dry Cell New 24v From HHO2u

24v hho  From The Builder of The Best HHO Dry Cell - New 24v

More of The Best HHO Dry Cells From HHO2u

Thought everyone would be interested in this new 24 volt hho dry cell from the builders of the best and most used hho drycell generators worldwide.

HHO2u is releasing a 6 inch 24 volt cell that is testing out at 6 LPMs and as you probably know these guys do not put together and junk or rattle on with a bunch of hype and hoopla about extra hho punch from some fantastic new way of building a dry cell. Their same hho drycell that has been the number one system used world wide for over 4 years was used as the starting point for this new 24v Dry Cell so you can be sure it will follow the the same path as the their 4″ cells which are now considered the Best HHO Dry Cell available. worldwide


HHO in Texas – Another hho kit Post

BoBs Texas hho truck

Bob’s Texas HHO Truck

Texas HHO Kit – Going For FREE Energy
I guess I should have posted this awesome hho testimonial before the other post about Bob in Texas. He has some awesome stuff here.
Using his HHO Kit in Texas he is saving 33% on fuel with the electric generator he is running the hho dry cells on.
In other words the generator powers the hho kit that powers the generator – WOW.
Im still working with your dry cell. After about 200 hours of
testing I am consistently getting 2 lpm at 12.6 V and 20 A
at 110F. But I need a PWM to keep under 20A. Circuit
pops at 20 A on my 1200 watt generator.

I am running your dry cell using 12V DC at 20 A from my
1200 watt generator. I am saving 33% on gasoline and
extended my run time from 9 hours to 12 hours on 1.5 gallons.

Stay in touch,

Bob Elliott
Lampasas, Texas HHO

Texas HHO – HHO Kits in Texas

Hi Texas HHo Installers;
Bob out in Texas has been working with us for well over a year with different hho kits. This man knows his stuff when it comes to getting maximum hho production. Here is a pic of his “stand alone” HHO Kit. Next post if  Bob doesn’t mind I will be posting info. on how all you hho enthusiast in Texas can contact him for one of these awesome Texas hho Kits.
Wanted you to see my HHO for Pickup Trucks in Texas.
All the internals are from with two 11 plate
dry cell kits and pwm. No fuss about where to install
what component in what place. One size fits all – just
add water.
This HHO Kit can only be purchased through Bob In Texas
Thanks HHO2u for being so supportive and helpful to me
in this project. I would like to be considered to be
included on your installer’s list for Texas.

Texas HHO Kit - Transportable HHO Generator

Bob’s Texas HHO Kit

All the best,

Bob Elliott
Lampasas, Texas
“Pickup Country USA”

Oregon HHO Intaller is Successful with Motorcycle

Yet another Oregon HHO Installer is successful

HHO2u is becoming very well known all around the USA, Canada and Worldwide for good solid gains in MPG when their hho dry cell kits are installed correctly. >> Here is one from Oregon hho installer JIM.

First Name : Jim

Larry got system installed on 1600 roadstar first real mpg test today,42mpg previous,with hho running 52.5 mpg running 10-12 amps
do not know lpm, thanks
I could give you some technical input on that if you want.
For my purposes this a v-twin cruiser bike, really bad aerodynamics,
But the tech part is 2,200 rpm peak torque@90ftlbs weight 1,000lbs with rider
“fuel consumption is directly linked to rpm on all internal compustion engines”
2,200 rpm puts me at 65 mph.
The noticeable difference is the engine now runs smoothly at 1,700rpm
(no lugging or chugging as previously now i can use 5th gear at 55mph).
I will in future do runs at 55mph on freeway and see what it can do.
I have not changed any settings of any kind only added hho.
After i do the complete  full tank average run,then i will start tweaking the carb settings.
I also have a before dyno sheet, after i think i am dialed in i will run on dyno again.

HHO kit installed on motocycle in Oregon USA

Oregon Bike – Successful HHO install

If anyone needs assistance in the Portland,  Oregon installing hho kit.   I would be glad to help.

Thank You

Other successful Oregon HHO Install
You can find the same HHO Kit Direct

from Manufacturer at

HHO Oregon – HHO Kit Install

Trying to Get to the truth about hho kits ?

Oregon hho enthusiast are quite serious about this technology for two reasons. First for the most part they want to preserve their fresh air and beautiful landscape; and secondly,  they are sick and tired of the Out of Hand gas prices.

HHO injection on cars and trucks is becoming more and more popular as a fuel additive procedure. As people who call themselves “hho experimenters” all around the world give positive feedback about the cleaner exhaust and gains in miles per gallon when they add an hho kit to their vehicle the people in Oregon are stepping up.

Here are a couple of testimonials from Oregon hho installers who installed hho systems from (next post hho install Oregon motorcycle)

HHO Oregon installer saves 33% on gas

HHO Kit Direct From Builder

Thanks hho2u;
We installed our hho kit Saturday,on our 2001 Toyota Sequoia V8. We had to mix up some Drano sink crystals to have a sodium hydroxide catalyst (all we could find). It has 60% NoAh, so after we mixed it we strained it to remove large particles. (Note to self: mixing catalyst to hot causes to relay to overheat and shut off) I have more detail on that if you are interested.
We took it for a test drive up and over a large mountain range, 50 miles to Canyon ville and our fuel mileage increased from what would have been an average of 13mpg to 24mpg! Wow! 33% increase! (We filled before we left and when we got to Canyonville). We were impressed. On the way back home we averaged 25mpg.
Actual mpg was impressive at 25mpg.

Impressive results with this hho dry cell kit – But we recommend KOH (potassium hydroxide) as a catalyst — much cleaner hho gas

More positive feed back and testimonials from >>  hho kit installers