HHO California – Beat Gas Prices in Calif. with HHO

California HHO Dry Cell Kits

The average retail price of gasoline in California rose 17 cents to $4.486 a gallon early on Friday. The average price was $4.315 on Thursday and $4.131 a week ago, according to AAA data.

Smart California residents have found a way out of the high gas prices

HHO dry cell kits in California

California Gas Price Beat By HHO Installers

by installing Hydrogen on demand or “HHO systems” on their vehicles.

HHO2u has been building and perfecting the most  reliable hho dry c

ell systems in California since 2008 when the gas in Calif. got out of hand. No wild promises about 100% gains, but consistent proven results of average mileage g

ains between 25% and 60%

Here is what some California hho installers have to say about HHO Dry Cell Kits from HHO2u.com

“Got my HHO dry cell kit

yesterday! Was amazed how much stuff you supply with t11 cell hho dry cell – Tested hho dry cell kithe kit.
After finishing the installation we took the car on a run and it seems to have extra power.
We ran it About 200 miles and it seems we are getting 3- 5 miles a gallon gain.
I will test more and let you know.
Thank You so very Much
James Calif.

Hi Larry,Best Complete hho dry cell kits

The units you hand delivered to me in Bakersfield were great. Averaging about 25% gain.
If I needed two more, can you send them to me right away? Please let me know. I had bought two other units on ebay and they are junk. I am trying to return them and we would like to deal with you only when installing our Hydrogen on Demand systems.

Let me know as soon as you can.You can reach me by
phone at ; —
Thanks, Ray

If you are still skeptical about hho systems and how they work, check out many more reports at >
HHO Dry Cell Kits Testimonials
Or give them a call – Phone # is on header of every page HHO Dry Cell


New HHO Dry Cells – 25 and 13 Plate Dry Cell by HHO2u


California HHO installers


Why wait any longer to add HHO to your vehicle ??

The Gas Prices are on the Rise and it isn’t even Summer.

HHO2u has now out done themselves with this new hho dry cell, virtually indestructible silicone gaskets and added neutral plates make this the best cell out there for the price by far. As you know these guys are the leaders in the hho dry cell market Worldwide already. No BS, just results, testimonials of 15 to 25% aren’t bad when they are consistent, that is a lot of Gas money at these prices. These new drycells are proof that they keep on adding improvements to


their line of already supper productive hho generators for those that.
25 & 13 Plate HHO Dry cells

Hydrogen on Demand is By No Means Switching Fuel

These idiots simply do not want you and I to be able to ADD something like HHO gas to help burn this nasty fossil fuel.

Note 1) 40 CFR Part 85 Sub part F requires certification of aftermarket fuel conversions to avoid violating the anti-tampering provisions in Section 203(a) of the Clean Air Act. EPA considers supplemental fuel systems such as an on-demand supply of hydrogen to be a type of fuel switching.
Anyone out there that has run into a problem with these guys or any agency that made you remove your hho generator please post or contact me HHO Generator Dry Cell

HHO Generators In California

Installing HHO Dry Cell Systems in California

Thought you HHO generator enthusiast might like to see this note from one of the “bigger boys” out here in So. Cal who distributes hho dry cell kits, and is working along with a bunch of us to get the “blessing” from governmental agencies to help improve our way of living.
Here is a note I got from this HHO Dry Cell Guy :
Thanks for getting back to me Larry. Our company has been working on a few projects here in Southern California. We know that there are at least 4 other HHO Generator companies going through the “process” with CEE (California Environmental Engineering) and one gentleman we have worked with has obtained an Executive Order allowing him to sell his HHO generator on the commercial level.

Our Company is currently looking to set up manufacturing of these hho generators here in Southern California. Working with a team out of Florida. Still getting our feet wet in the industry and are excited of what we can do with this in our “friendly” markets. It is interesting to me that no one has set up an installation company yet. I see that there are a few companies that say that this is the next focus. Seems like this training is the key to proving the HHO generators worth.

We are currently a distribution company and I was just putting out some feelers to see what the common knowledge of this “process” was… Takes about 90 days and costs under 100k. Our clients have the ability to make a big dent in the integrity of CARB and there “process”. Our goal of course is just to make it easier to distribute without such a huge fight through the red tape of these “bureaucratic naysayers”. Did you make it to the HHO games this past weekend? Any way, have an excellent Thanksgiving and we will chat at you soon.


Why Hydrogen “on demand” ?

Why Hydrogen “on demand” ? singlekit-new

Because with these systems the HHO generator only makes the Hydroxy gas that your vehicle will use “on demand”, there is no high pressurized hydrogen tank to haul around waiting for an explosion.
The latest and greatest of the hydrogen on demand systems use what has been termed the HHO Dry Cell.
If you want to learn more about hydrogen on demand, want to get hydrogen on demand parts or want loads of free HHO generator plans or FREE Efie plans, go to the best Hydrogen on Demand site Here.
Shop around a little before you grab all your FREE HHO stuff and run.

If you have done all the hho and hydrogen on demand research you think you need, check out the best HHO dry cell kits available at hho2u.com

Explore more about : HOW HHO WORKS | HHO and EFIE | HHO DRY CELL

HHO Dry Cell – New Antelope Valley Auto

Hey all my readers out there;
Sorry I haven’t kept up lately with my awesome post on HHO generators, and particularly our great progress with hho dry cells.
Our 11 plate HHO Dry Cell is becoming very popular – Thank You everyone that has ordered or supported us on this major jump into a new , and better Hydrogen on Demand system.
You can Get HHO dry cells and hho dry cell kits at hho2u.com.
Here is why I haven’t posted lately. I have been working on a website designed to help people in the Antelope Vally Ca. find the best deals on new and used cars in the Antelope Valley. That’s OK if you have no idea where the Antelope Valley is, Check it out anyways.
Best Antelope Valley Auto Deals.

Do I Need EFIE or Map – Maf

Can I cut down on my gas consumption by adding a Hydrogen on demand system to my car without adding electronics like a MAP or EFIE ?

There are cars that get improvement in MPG without the MAP or EFIE. When someone gets one of our hho dry cells without the kit I tell them to run there vehicle for about 2 weeks, to see if there computers will adjust themselves to the HHO. If you are not happy with the results after 2 weeks start with the MAP or MAF adjustment, if you still don’t see the results you want add the EFIE.
This can save you loads of money if they are not needed. The HHO dry cell systems can save fuel on any gas or diesel vehicle, some vehicles take a bit more tuning and tweaking, to get your hydrogen on demand system to work correctly and efficiently.
Hho dry cell and hydrogen on demand expert help here