Just thought I would put it out there that there is a Thieving Dog In India using pictures stolen from us and to advertise an hho dry cell. Don’t know for sure yet wither they are copying the design and selling hho dry cells and systems in India and surrounding.

HHO India has a bad rap already and can not be confused with the real deal designed way back in 2008 by

India HHO - hho in India


Anybody with more info on these guys please leave a comment.


Connecting Our HHO Generator Sites

As of 8/1-2013 we will connect all our sources and sites on the subject of hho and hho devices together, most of these sites have been around since 2009 or sooner and if google wishes to call this over optimization so be it.

We only wish to bring the most accurate info. to the public and the way the information has showed up in the so called generic search for terms such as hho generator or hydrogen on demand systems lately is absolutely ridicules; if you don’t list your hho systems on ebay or amazon you do not show up for the search terms – hho dry cell or hho generator kit, even if you have the most informative and oldest site on the subject as does.

For now here is a link to our G+ page – don’t know much about this new wave “social” stuff but if it helps spread the word , so be it. I believe you can navigate to our HHO Generator  blogger blogs from there.
Thank You and GOD BLESS

HHO Dry Cell Kit Fixes Smog – Now What ?

Hey California hho installers; Creating The Best HHO Dry Cell Kits

Here is a good note from a customer who got good results with a dry cell Kit from He installed the complete Dry Cell Kit in one car an switched it over to another and ran into “flack” at the smog shop. I hope someone can answer this.

Hello ,
I purchased the  Dry Cell Kit sometime back in June 2010. I installed this into a machine that was not passing California Smog, then passed and that particular shop never raised the issue of having an after market smog device violating California Law. Now, I’ve installed the Dry Cell into an ’87 Toyota Corrolla to minimize my pollution. Now, today, 2-4-2013, I need to have a smog cert in order to receive a license tag, and ran into a headwind with a smog shop located in Paso Robles, Cal. I was told that I won’t be able to have the car pass inspection because I’ve violated California Law having an after market pollution reduction device. I asked him to show me that particular law, he didn’t provide, but I was directed to go to the Air Resources Board Website for that information. I was told that I should have received a Certificate of Waiver from the supplier of this HHO unit in order to be in compliance with the ARB protocols.
Have you ever heard of such a law? Is there a Certificate of Waiver available?

Any feedback on certificate of waver on HHO dry cell kits would be appreciated.

New HHO Dry Cells – 25 and 13 Plate Dry Cell by HHO2u


California HHO installers


Why wait any longer to add HHO to your vehicle ??

The Gas Prices are on the Rise and it isn’t even Summer.

HHO2u has now out done themselves with this new hho dry cell, virtually indestructible silicone gaskets and added neutral plates make this the best cell out there for the price by far. As you know these guys are the leaders in the hho dry cell market Worldwide already. No BS, just results, testimonials of 15 to 25% aren’t bad when they are consistent, that is a lot of Gas money at these prices. These new drycells are proof that they keep on adding improvements to


their line of already supper productive hho generators for those that.
25 & 13 Plate HHO Dry cells

Australia HHO – HHO Austrlian Install

HHO Generators Spread Over Australia Like Wildfire

HHO Installers in Australia

Australian residents seem to be more honest when it comes to business transactions and more willing to share a good thing with friends and such.

HHO2u hho dry cells has supplied our Hydrogen on demand systems to customers all over the world and of  the many countries we deal with it seems that hho installers in Australia have the most honest and straight forward approach to business. What i mean is this – They would rather share a good thing with others than try to Steal and copy your product as we have seen others do with our hho dry cell design in other countries.

One HHO Dry cell kit - build hho drycellAustralia HHO testimonial :

Hi Larry yes doing a rebuild as water was sucked into the main container from the bubbler which only had normal water in it and I had no non return valve to stop the backflow. I pulled one apart and it had mud inside so I am going to rebuild the 4 of them. When the hho dry cells were on the vehicle I got incredible extra horsepower but no increase in fuel economy. I am still experimenting with them. I think a pulse width modulator may be the way to go as I only have a 40 amp 24 volt alternator on my vehicle to run 4 generators.

I may go back to running just one pair for the time being as I was getting 3LPM from one pair of your hho drycells but no more gas from 2 pairs but had an increase drain on the alternator. We’ll see Larry.

The extra power especially up hills was unbelievable and that is really what I was after, extra horsepower.

Frank –

hho dry cell Australia

hho2u hho dry cell Europe HHO Installers

Europe’s Leading HHO Generators :

It seems is leading the way with Hydrogen on demand in European countries  with their awesome hho dry cell.

HHO2u has been building and perfecting hho dry cells and other hydrogen generators since 2008 and keeps up on the latest hho hydrogen dry cell fuel economy products and now being installed across Europe by hho enthusiast is their European hho dry cell .

Fuel saving products from are getting awesome reviews in Europe as well as all over the world.

Read more here – Europe HHO Generator

Learn more about how Hydrogen on demand works –

hho Generators

HHO2u’s HHO Dry Cell in Australia

Australians now have a way to buy HHO2u’s Extremely Popular HHO Dry Cell Hydrogen Generators from an Australian source!

Hydrogen on Demand is becoming quite popular in Australia and all over the world for that matter.

I don’t have an answer as to why they are so far behind USA hho generator installers as their gas is much higher than in the states, but none the less they are catching on to the awesome benefits that hydrogen on demand can and will give you. is leading the way with the Best hho dry cell design out there. hho2u is making special offers to overseas customers to make it possible for Australia, Greece, Bulgaria and hho installers all over the world to experience the benefits of hydrogen on demand.  While distributors are being set up for European hho suppliers hho2u is offering deals on their hho dry cell kits that even after shipping overseas no European hho dealer can come close to the same price.

If you are interested in learning more about this awesome Hydrogen on demand technology – visit HHO GeneratorWorld wide hho dry cell distribution - hho generator wholesale at hho dry cell kit.