California HHO Kits – Cut the Gas Price

Once again the demon gas whores are trashing Cal. with high gas prices.

Blowing up refinerys is not beyond their scope to get gasoline prices where they want them ( Torrence Ca.)

Again – Go to HHO2u and read some of the testimonials from California HHO installers, these guys are still out there to help lower your gas or diesel consumption.

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HHO Dry Cell Kit Fixes Smog – Now What ?

Hey California hho installers; Creating The Best HHO Dry Cell Kits

Here is a good note from a customer who got good results with a dry cell Kit from He installed the complete Dry Cell Kit in one car an switched it over to another and ran into “flack” at the smog shop. I hope someone can answer this.

Hello ,
I purchased theĀ  Dry Cell Kit sometime back in June 2010. I installed this into a machine that was not passing California Smog, then passed and that particular shop never raised the issue of having an after market smog device violating California Law. Now, I’ve installed the Dry Cell into an ’87 Toyota Corrolla to minimize my pollution. Now, today, 2-4-2013, I need to have a smog cert in order to receive a license tag, and ran into a headwind with a smog shop located in Paso Robles, Cal. I was told that I won’t be able to have the car pass inspection because I’ve violated California Law having an after market pollution reduction device. I asked him to show me that particular law, he didn’t provide, but I was directed to go to the Air Resources Board Website for that information. I was told that I should have received a Certificate of Waiver from the supplier of this HHO unit in order to be in compliance with the ARB protocols.
Have you ever heard of such a law? Is there a Certificate of Waiver available?

Any feedback on certificate of waver on HHO dry cell kits would be appreciated.