California HHO Kits – Cut the Gas Price

Once again the demon gas whores are trashing Cal. with high gas prices.

Blowing up refinerys is not beyond their scope to get gasoline prices where they want them ( Torrence Ca.)

Again – Go to HHO2u and read some of the testimonials from California HHO installers, these guys are still out there to help lower your gas or diesel consumption.

HHO installer testimonialsBuy the best hho dry cell


New HHO Dry Cells – 25 and 13 Plate Dry Cell by HHO2u


California HHO installers


Why wait any longer to add HHO to your vehicle ??

The Gas Prices are on the Rise and it isn’t even Summer.

HHO2u has now out done themselves with this new hho dry cell, virtually indestructible silicone gaskets and added neutral plates make this the best cell out there for the price by far. As you know these guys are the leaders in the hho dry cell market Worldwide already. No BS, just results, testimonials of 15 to 25% aren’t bad when they are consistent, that is a lot of Gas money at these prices. These new drycells are proof that they keep on adding improvements to


their line of already supper productive hho generators for those that.
25 & 13 Plate HHO Dry cells