BUY HERE is top hho Europe supplier

Best HHO Dry Cells In Europe And USA

Hydrogen Generator HHO Electrolyzer HHO Dry Cell

Water4gas generator/ electrolyzer have been replaced by very efficient HHO generators called HHO dry cells.These hho generators can be installed on any gas or diesel engine.  I’m not going to go into a two page report about these hho generators and how they work because the information is everywhere on the INTERNET and you more than likely understand it because you are here looking at the best deal out there. If you want to know more about how these units work,look around this blog or go to our other blog – or better yet visit Best hho dry cell

HHO2u has been building and installing Hydrogen generators since 2008 and will lead you in the right direction when it comes to your Hydrogen on demand projects. They supply hho dry cells and kits and hho parts to thousands of experimenters in Europe and USA. Check out the feedback — hho Europe – hho generator

As of Aug 2012  is the only place out there that you can find Diy hho dry cell kits with the 3 hole design perfected by hho2u.

You should go over to this awesome hho site and look around, if you

diy hho kit dry cell

Diy HHO Cells

are more of  the do it yourself type this is the place to pick up a kit ot build your own hho

dry cell. From what I have heard they have kits to build anything from 11 plates to 25 plate hho dry cells 


5 responses to “BUY HERE

  1. I have been using HHO for about 2 months as well. I have 1 Question for you. My 316L wire keeps burning in o in several places. I have tried hooking it up to the battery and still the same.Does anyone have ideal to help.

  2. Some times if the stranded wire on the Water4gas type electrolyzers (generators) are not twisted together tight, leaving air gaps between the positive wires this causes the single strand to act as a conductor on its own and will burn thru.

  3. hi, I would like to have an kit for my car 1455cc diesel 4 cyl. engine. Kindly submit best of prices along with installation details.

    If we have an bulk qurry, Pls revert.


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