HHO Dry Cell New 24v From HHO2u

24v hho  From The Builder of The Best HHO Dry Cell - New 24v

More of The Best HHO Dry Cells From HHO2u

Thought everyone would be interested in this new 24 volt hho dry cell from the builders of the best and most used hho drycell generators worldwide.

HHO2u is releasing a 6 inch 24 volt cell that is testing out at 6 LPMs and as you probably know these guys do not put together and junk or rattle on with a bunch of hype and hoopla about extra hho punch from some fantastic new way of building a dry cell. Their same hho drycell that has been the number one system used world wide for over 4 years was used as the starting point for this new 24v Dry Cell so you can be sure it will follow the the same path as the their 4″ cells which are now considered the Best HHO Dry Cell available. worldwide