HHO Generator HHO Dry Cell Kit – HHO Diy Kit Sale

Yeh readers our friends over at hho2u.com seem to be in a fix.

hho generator - hho kit sale

HHO Generator Kit On Sale

Seems some Scallywage put a down on a large Wholesale order of hho dry cells and then backed out. As you know hho2u has always given their all to provide the best hho kit for the buck.
Well right now until the end of the month you can pick up your 11 or 21 plate complete hho kit at even better prices as they need to liquidate some dry cells quick.
It is a shame but this hho kit sale could be your chance to save big on your hho dry cell kit. If you have ordered an hho kit from these guys and are thinking of getting one for another vehicle Now is the time; get a free Pwm or huge discount on your hho kit and help these guys at the same time.
Check out the hho kit Sale here.

Update (Aug. 25 2012) On top of the awesome hho kit deals as stated above hho2u has finally allowed their awesome 3 hole hho dry cell to be released in a diy kit. This means that you can get the same superior design that has made this hho dry cell very well known around the world in a Diy hho dry cell kit in any configuration from 11 to 25 plates and put the cell together yourself for about

Only Buid your own hho dry cell available

Best hho kit for Diy cell builders

1/2 the cost.

2hho.com is the only authorized site to offer these kits so if you see “copies” out there they are essentially stealing the design and do not have permission to sell the one and only hho2u 3 hole hho dry cell – real deal  here – Diy hho dry cell


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