Texas HHO – HHO Kits in Texas

Hi Texas HHo Installers;
Bob out in Texas has been working with us for well over a year with different hho kits. This man knows his stuff when it comes to getting maximum hho production. Here is a pic of his “stand alone” HHO Kit. Next post if  Bob doesn’t mind I will be posting info. on how all you hho enthusiast in Texas can contact him for one of these awesome Texas hho Kits.
Wanted you to see my HHO for Pickup Trucks in Texas.
All the internals are from hho2u.com with two 11 plate
dry cell kits and pwm. No fuss about where to install
what component in what place. One size fits all – just
add water.
This HHO Kit can only be purchased through Bob In Texas
Thanks HHO2u for being so supportive and helpful to me
in this project. I would like to be considered to be
included on your installer’s list for Texas.

Texas HHO Kit - Transportable HHO Generator

Bob’s Texas HHO Kit

All the best,

Bob Elliott
Lampasas, Texas
“Pickup Country USA”


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