HHO in Texas – Another hho kit Post

BoBs Texas hho truck

Bob’s Texas HHO Truck

Texas HHO Kit – Going For FREE Energy
I guess I should have posted this awesome hho testimonial before the other post about Bob in Texas. He has some awesome stuff here.
Using his HHO Kit in Texas he is saving 33% on fuel with the electric generator he is running the hho dry cells on.
In other words the generator powers the hho kit that powers the generator – WOW.
Im still working with your dry cell. After about 200 hours of
testing I am consistently getting 2 lpm at 12.6 V and 20 A
at 110F. But I need a PWM to keep under 20A. Circuit
pops at 20 A on my 1200 watt generator.

I am running your dry cell using 12V DC at 20 A from my
1200 watt generator. I am saving 33% on gasoline and
extended my run time from 9 hours to 12 hours on 1.5 gallons.

Stay in touch,

Bob Elliott
Lampasas, Texas HHO

2 responses to “HHO in Texas – Another hho kit Post

  1. Please send me Bobby Ellliott’s contact information. I am a neighbor in Bertram, Texas & need assistance trouble shooting my HH0 system. My phone # is 512 913 ****. I have been struggling for 2 years to get it up & running in my 2500 Chevy 2004 truck. Please HELP! Warm regards, Patricia Carvajal

    • Thank You Patricia – Just spoke with Bob about some other hho projects in Texas we are working on.
      I will forward your contact info. then scramble # so you don’t have your phone public for scammers.
      Thanks for stopping by our hho in Texas post.

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