HHO Oregon – HHO Kit Install

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Oregon hho enthusiast are quite serious about this technology for two reasons. First for the most part they want to preserve their fresh air and beautiful landscape; and secondly,  they are sick and tired of the Out of Hand gas prices.

HHO injection on cars and trucks is becoming more and more popular as a fuel additive procedure. As people who call themselves “hho experimenters” all around the world give positive feedback about the cleaner exhaust and gains in miles per gallon when they add an hho kit to their vehicle the people in Oregon are stepping up.

Here are a couple of testimonials from Oregon hho installers who installed hho systems from hho2u.com (next post hho install Oregon motorcycle)

HHO Oregon installer saves 33% on gas

HHO Kit Direct From Builder

Thanks hho2u;
We installed our hho kit Saturday,on our 2001 Toyota Sequoia V8. We had to mix up some Drano sink crystals to have a sodium hydroxide catalyst (all we could find). It has 60% NoAh, so after we mixed it we strained it to remove large particles. (Note to self: mixing catalyst to hot causes to relay to overheat and shut off) I have more detail on that if you are interested.
We took it for a test drive up and over a large mountain range, 50 miles to Canyon ville and our fuel mileage increased from what would have been an average of 13mpg to 24mpg! Wow! 33% increase! (We filled before we left and when we got to Canyonville). We were impressed. On the way back home we averaged 25mpg.
Actual mpg was impressive at 25mpg.

Impressive results with this hho dry cell kit – But we recommend KOH (potassium hydroxide) as a catalyst — much cleaner hho gas

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