Australia HHO – HHO Austrlian Install

HHO Generators Spread Over Australia Like Wildfire

HHO Installers in Australia

Australian residents seem to be more honest when it comes to business transactions and more willing to share a good thing with friends and such.

HHO2u hho dry cells has supplied our Hydrogen on demand systems to customers all over the world and of  the many countries we deal with it seems that hho installers in Australia have the most honest and straight forward approach to business. What i mean is this – They would rather share a good thing with others than try to Steal and copy your product as we have seen others do with our hho dry cell design in other countries.

One HHO Dry cell kit - build hho drycellAustralia HHO testimonial :

Hi Larry yes doing a rebuild as water was sucked into the main container from the bubbler which only had normal water in it and I had no non return valve to stop the backflow. I pulled one apart and it had mud inside so I am going to rebuild the 4 of them. When the hho dry cells were on the vehicle I got incredible extra horsepower but no increase in fuel economy. I am still experimenting with them. I think a pulse width modulator may be the way to go as I only have a 40 amp 24 volt alternator on my vehicle to run 4 generators.

I may go back to running just one pair for the time being as I was getting 3LPM from one pair of your hho drycells but no more gas from 2 pairs but had an increase drain on the alternator. We’ll see Larry.

The extra power especially up hills was unbelievable and that is really what I was after, extra horsepower.

Frank –

hho dry cell Australia


5 responses to “Australia HHO – HHO Austrlian Install

  1. Where can I get an HHO installed on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales (Coffs Harbour) ?
    I have a 300 Diesel Engine. No Computer. 1983 Model.

    • Hi Chris;
      At HHO2u we only use 316L stainless Steel in all our hho generators. Although the hho dry cell design is much more efficient and all we have personally used for years we still have wet cell hho generators for those who wish to experiment.

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