Australia HHO – Hydrogen on Demand in Australia

HHO Dry Cell Kits are being successfully installed in Australia :

Comment from Australia hho installer :hho Australia From hho2u

I have installed the hho dry cell  kits you sent to     me and although i have only done 458km I seem  to  have the following.

Cooler engine. More power maybe 15% to 20%.

Better milage 450km on the clock but fuel gauge still showing 3/4 full. The next fill will give the correct milage per gallon, or litres per hundred KM as we now say here. Oil pressure seems to be a little higher, maybe due to lower engine temp.Very little black deposit on the little car we are towing behind. Awesome.

Can you please do a really urgent send as the goods are going to my father in law and then he has to send them to me as we are travelling around Australia in our bus. He is in Ulladulla ( deep south) and we are in Cairns. Right up at the top of Australia.

P.s. We are spreading the good word about these hho generators in Australia.

More about adding Hydrogen on Demand Here > HHO Australia

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