What Really Makes A HHO Dry Cell Dry ?

Is The HHO Drycell Dry ??

Ok people here it is —
It is not dry – the “hho dry cell” uses water to create hho gas, just like the hho wet cell generators.
The darn thing should have been named an hho sealed cell. The water is in a reservoir and feed to the hho generator ( dry cell )
Please read this hub what is a HHO Dry Cell.
If this does not answer your questions go to best hho dry cell.
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11 plate or 21 plate hho dry cell

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2 responses to “What Really Makes A HHO Dry Cell Dry ?

  1. Hi dear friends
    I am Kamran from Iran Tehran
    My mind was a water-burning car make
    I got water and catalyze the results reached
    And killing more information on the Internet I
    I saw your blog that I was happy
    I want to have that relationship and become another informed of the results of work
    To solve the problem of fuel being
    Your friend Kamran
    Best reward

    • Hi Kamran
      Thank you for stopping by. There are endless possibilities for the use of hho gas.
      We hope to get this info. out to as many people around the world as possible
      Larry – HHO2u.com

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