What Reall is The Best Catalyst For HHO Dry Cells ?

Hi People, sorry I haven’t posted lately, been busy setting up distribution of our hho dry cell design over seas.
Do you guys here in the USA realize they are spending $6.00 + a gallon for gasoline ?
Anyway I wrote an article on Koh for your hho dry cell a while back and some interesting comments came up –
Potassium carbonate for catalyst – Now it is my turn to ask the questions — is anyone getting good results without adding lye ?
I have a chemist looking for a less caustic solution than KOH but have not located anything yet.
Would love to here from you guys on this one. Best hho dry cell design

hydrogen on demand with hho dry cell kit

HHO2u.com _ BEST HHO Dry Cell


3 responses to “What Reall is The Best Catalyst For HHO Dry Cells ?

  1. I think KOH is the best for dry cells made of stainless steel. If you need to clean the cell just reverse the polarity and run it for a short time. I only use dry-cells from hhou2u.com here in Texas and the lastest mod was changing to 3/8″ barbs with one up and one down. You can go as high as 20% with KOH and only 12% with NaOH. My preference is 10% KOH with distillate water.

  2. Anyone has tried to use some cells made of stailess steel covered with molybdenum dissulfide on this KOH or NAOH solution ?

    • Hi Deiemon;
      The coated plates are almost useless in the hho dry cells, however with pure titanium some are reporting good results.

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