HHO Diesel – How Much HHO Gas For Diesels

The Federal Government issued a report in 2007 the use of HHo Generators on Diesel Trucks improved the mileage by 4%. 4% may not sound like a lot but if you are driving 3000 miles per week times 52 weeks that’s 156000 miles per year. Four to Five thousands of dollars a year in fuel savings.

Hho generators being built by the diy hho generator builders are getting improvement far greater than 4%.

HHO2u.com is currently experimenting with an HHO Dry Cell system that will be installed on some diesel trucks for testing. They won’t give up any details, but they are looking for 5 LPM or more of hho gas to feed these pigs.
As soon as we have more info it will be posted here.
Meanwhile look at this fat HHO generator system for Diesels.
Personally I think hho2u can do it for a lot less than $1999.00.


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