HHO Dry Cell Test

Kinda Busy but I thought I give you all a quick update on our hho dry cell installation out here in California.
The first install on our fleet is almost complete. we chose the most difficult one to begin with. there was absolutely no room to fit the reservoir hho dry celland components under the hood.

HHO Dry Cell Install

Finding The Best HHO Dry Cell

We ended up mounting the tank outside and used apx 2 feet of tubing to get back to the dry cell. Only question now is will it return the hho gas/water fast enough.
We will keep you updated.

HHO Generators In California

Installing HHO Dry Cell Systems in California

Thought you HHO generator enthusiast might like to see this note from one of the “bigger boys” out here in So. Cal who distributes hho dry cell kits, and is working along with a bunch of us to get the “blessing” from governmental agencies to help improve our way of living.
Here is a note I got from this HHO Dry Cell Guy :
Thanks for getting back to me Larry. Our company has been working on a few projects here in Southern California. We know that there are at least 4 other HHO Generator companies going through the “process” with CEE (California Environmental Engineering) and one gentleman we have worked with has obtained an Executive Order allowing him to sell his HHO generator on the commercial level.

Our Company is currently looking to set up manufacturing of these hho generators here in Southern California. Working with a team out of Florida. Still getting our feet wet in the industry and are excited of what we can do with this in our “friendly” markets. It is interesting to me that no one has set up an installation company yet. I see that there are a few companies that say that this is the next focus. Seems like this training is the key to proving the HHO generators worth.

We are currently a distribution company and I was just putting out some feelers to see what the common knowledge of this “process” was… Takes about 90 days and costs under 100k. Our clients have the ability to make a big dent in the integrity of CARB and there “process”. Our goal of course is just to make it easier to distribute without such a huge fight through the red tape of these “bureaucratic naysayers”. Did you make it to the HHO games this past weekend? Any way, have an excellent Thanksgiving and we will chat at you soon.


HHO Generators – HHO Dry Cell Torch Kit

HHO Dry Cell Used in a 12V Portable Torch Kit
I Kinda tiered today, just finished putting together the HHO Dry Cell kits we will be testing on a fleet of trucks.
We are hoping to get 5 LPMs out of these bad boys, Ill keep you informed.
Each kit is 2) 21 plate dry cells and gadgets.
Meanwhile check out this portable hho torch kit. HHO and experimenting with hho generators has come a long way in a couple of years.
What say You Naysayers now.

HHO Diesel – How Much HHO Gas For Diesels

The Federal Government issued a report in 2007 the use of HHo Generators on Diesel Trucks improved the mileage by 4%. 4% may not sound like a lot but if you are driving 3000 miles per week times 52 weeks that’s 156000 miles per year. Four to Five thousands of dollars a year in fuel savings.

Hho generators being built by the diy hho generator builders are getting improvement far greater than 4%.

HHO2u.com is currently experimenting with an HHO Dry Cell system that will be installed on some diesel trucks for testing. They won’t give up any details, but they are looking for 5 LPM or more of hho gas to feed these pigs.
As soon as we have more info it will be posted here.
Meanwhile look at this fat HHO generator system for Diesels.
Personally I think hho2u can do it for a lot less than $1999.00.

Help With HHO Dry Cell Wiring

Relay For HHO Generators – A Must
This Guy is an awesome help to the hho movement.
At hho2u.com we get asked all the time for help on wiring hho dry cells, pwms, relays ect.
Here is a simple video that will make it almost impossible for you to screw up when wiring your relay for your hho generator.

You can find additional help and hho videos at hho2u.com

HHO Help

HHO Related Videos EFIE Install

We have been getting a lot of request for help with your EFIE installs.
Here is an old Vid from “redneck” I thought was kinda amusing.
Beleive it or not this guy Knows his HHo Generator stuff. I have spoke with him on some of the HHO generators and hho related gadgets he has. I posted this HHO Video for your amusement. No offense Redneck, I couldn’t learn squat from this, and I already know how to hook up my EFIE’s.
If you don’t want a good laugh and are pressed for time – scroll the hho Videos at the bottom of the screen, or go to hho Generator help.

Let us Know what you think, was this hho related Vid helpful ? – HHO2u.com- HHO Generators

HHO Videos, HHO Generator Wiring

Lowest HHO Dry Cell Kit Prices Located Here

Hey everyone who was thinking of installing one of HHO2U’s complete hho drycell kits !!
They Lowered the price on their HHO Dry Cell Kits to $195.00.
I think they also have a few HHO Parts at an Alternative Energy store – http://greengas77.ecrater.com/ – HHO Dry Cells
But it is a treat to go by their website where you can pick up FREE HHO Dry cell plans or any other hho generator plan you might be looking for, all for Free.

That is even lower than “thegasmaker.com, who is currently at $199.00 – second best deal on complete HHO Dry Cell Kits.

Check out this awesome Deal !!COMPLETE HHO DRY CELL SYSTEMS

You can also find the Best Deals on Superior Dry Cells and Diy Kits to Build your own HHO Dry or Wet Cells at HHO2U.com