HHO Dry Cell/Wet Cell Compromise

Hey HHO experimenters;
I ran across this post in one of the hho forums. I am stuck on the hho dry cell design as “the best” hho generator, but this is an interesting concept.
I would also like to know if anyone has tried this type of hho generator design.

Dry Cell/Wet Cell Compromise
I had another idea the other day…why not create an open bath type cell (with no gaskets), but rather than simply dunking the thing in electrolyte, why not build an acrylic or lexan type enclosure directly around it? Make the enclosure so that the cell fits perfectly tight in it to reduce inefficiency, make it six sided, and drill several small holes in the top plate and bottom plate to allow electrolyte in and HHO out. Simply plop the cell (in the enclosure) into the electrolyte and viola!

I’m thinking this design would alleviate (to some extent) the disadvantages of both types of design. There would be no extra tank for electrolyte or problems with gaskets as with dry cells, and there would be less current loss like a traditional wet cell.

This design would lend itself well to the stainless steel cloth.

So I suppose I should ask at this point if anyone has already tried this, and if so, did it work like I hope?



5 responses to “HHO Dry Cell/Wet Cell Compromise

  1. I have an 8×8″ elect junction (thick).
    with 5 units 2×6″ ss arranged -nnnn+nnnn-
    runs very kool can I run series if I raise volt? running 30 amps now but not any more hho than when I had 3 single units. I know everthing is dry but can not up grade am disabled and on SS (76yrs) old. please help.thanks
    ps pot hyd

  2. Your “aurora borealis” idea got my attn.

    I think great ideas come from above and within and that we are supposed to manifest them (put them into action).

    You have been given a gift … I am a teacher .. pushing HHO as a fuel supplement .. DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME WITH MY WEB SITE — cahho.com — California Hydrogen … I am connected to a HHO manufacturer … I would like to support you .. .. Go for it.

    Regards. Joseph. (Prof. A) Auciello. Out.

    • Hi Joseph;
      Would love to help with hho generator site. I think the public needs to be aware of this awesome but simple technology.
      I hope you are still getting your hho generators from Larry at HHO2u because there is no better hho dry cell design out there. They have, believe it or not even improved upon the design you purchased last year.

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