HHO Dry Cell/Wet Cell Compromise

Hey HHO experimenters;
I ran across this post in one of the hho forums. I am stuck on the hho dry cell design as “the best” hho generator, but this is an interesting concept.
I would also like to know if anyone has tried this type of hho generator design.

Dry Cell/Wet Cell Compromise
I had another idea the other day…why not create an open bath type cell (with no gaskets), but rather than simply dunking the thing in electrolyte, why not build an acrylic or lexan type enclosure directly around it? Make the enclosure so that the cell fits perfectly tight in it to reduce inefficiency, make it six sided, and drill several small holes in the top plate and bottom plate to allow electrolyte in and HHO out. Simply plop the cell (in the enclosure) into the electrolyte and viola!

I’m thinking this design would alleviate (to some extent) the disadvantages of both types of design. There would be no extra tank for electrolyte or problems with gaskets as with dry cells, and there would be less current loss like a traditional wet cell.

This design would lend itself well to the stainless steel cloth.

So I suppose I should ask at this point if anyone has already tried this, and if so, did it work like I hope?



HHO is Not a Scam But These Water Car Guys Are

Stop The BS about HHO gas Systems

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The Real Deal Hydrogen on Demand System

Below is a clip from one of those guys trying to sell another “How To” Guide supposedly on building a hydrogen on demand system. I cut the actual company name to cover my butt.
Reading this CRAP ad I can see why people are so skeptical about legitimate hho fuel systems like the complete HHO Dry Cell Kit and other hho generator systems that do what they say they do.(cut fuel consumption and clean up emissions)

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HHO Generator and HHO Dry cell Answers

We just posted a very helpful Hub on the subjects of HHO generators.
Trying to help answer some of the most asked questions about Water and catalyst mix for HHO Dry Cells and HHO gas production from water fuel generators.

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HHO water for fuel scam ?

Why Don’t Automakers Use HHO Generators ?

We don’t need to worry about what the auto makers are doing. What we need to do is continue our diligence in creating new HHO products that can be installed on every engine now in use. With each installation of a HHO generator we put a dent in noxious emissions and are creating more oxygen that our planet desperately needs.

People in Asian cities where the oxygen content of the air dips below 10% have oxygen stations on busy city street corners, imagine the impact of all those vehicles emitting oxygen rather than depleting it.

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