Installing hho dry cell kits

Hey HHO Dry Cell fans :
We get asked a lot – how do I install my hho dry cell kit properly ?
So to help everyone out a bit, we just added a page with basic get proper amount of hho gas with correct hho dry cell installinstallation instructions for all you DIY hho installers.

Of course you can still get the> Best hho fuel device on the planet at hho2u

3 responses to “Installing hho dry cell kits

  1. what exactly is encased in the second bubbler? Is it just an empty cylinder or does it also include water just like the reservoir?

    • Hi Keith;
      The secondary bubbler in place on hho2u’s complete hho dry cell systems serves two purposes, to filter the hho gas before injection to the motor and as a “flash back” safety.
      It fills about 1/2 full of plain water.
      More info at HHO Systems

    • Water – the secondary bubbler on any hho kit serves two purposes.
      1) to filter the hho gas before inducinr into motor
      2) As a flash back arrest or in case the hho is exploded by a back fire.
      More at

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