What does The Neutral Do In HHO Dry Cell

Best hho dry cell design for best hho gas production

Finding Best HHO Dry Cell

Why do I need neutral plates in my hho dry cell ?
Are you going to get the same amount of gas production from a +-+- configuration as you would from a +NN- or +NNN-NNN+ given the voltage and amperage remains the same?
Extra neutral plates will divide voltage, with 2.33v per cell being the best. You will probably not see much difference in production between the two setups you mention.

The big difference will be the temperature of the cell after some run time. My suggestion would be to try the two configurations again and use a watch to take temp measurements at set intervals, naturally starting at the same temp. This should show you the true power of neutrals.

You will find +NNNN- will be best, and after hundreds of experiments that is exactly why we use this configuration on our COMPLETE HHO DRYCELL SYSTEMS


Installing hho dry cell kits

Hey HHO Dry Cell fans :
We get asked a lot – how do I install my hho dry cell kit properly ?
So to help everyone out a bit, we just added a page with basic get proper amount of hho gas with correct hho dry cell installinstallation instructions for all you DIY hho installers.

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HHO Dry Cell Design – HHO dry cell vs wet cell

Here are 2 main reasons the hho dry cells are the choice of generator
for serious hydrogen on demand installs :

1. When the edges of the plates of a hho generator are submerged in the water/catalyst bath a great deal of the electrical current passes through the edges of the plates. This current is largely wasted in terms of HHO production. When the edges are outside of the bath, as with the hho dry cell, all of the current is forced to travel directly to the faces of the plates. Therefore all of the current supplied to the hho generator …
Sorry for the cut off story, running late. You can learn all there is to Know about HHO dry cell design and Hydrogen on Demand at HHO2u

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HHO Dry Cell Design – The Best HHO Generator

High all HHO generator fans.

Been a while since I posted, been quite busy building an Automotive site

Just a short post to¬† all who are still looking for that “perfect hho generator” to use for their Hydrogen on demand systems.

We have experimented with many different hho generators and to this date we can not find anything that compares to the hho dry cell design for the average DIY hho enthusiast.

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HHO Generators Turn Average Cars Into Hybrids

Quote From HHO 2U – Hydrogen on Demand

Going “Green” is not cheap and that is not by accident. The same “forces” that keep you dependent on fossil fuel keep it that way.Only the rich can afford the Prius or similar hybrids. Add to that dilemma, a newer car costs more to insure, and still depreciates the second it leaves the lot.
It’s going to take a long time for us to stop relying on fossil fuels. The focus of HHO2U is to make it possible for the regular working class person to convert to HHO and turn the millions of inefficient vehicles already on the road to “hybrids” cars.

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