Do I Need EFIE or Map – Maf

Can I cut down on my gas consumption by adding a Hydrogen on demand system to my car without adding electronics like a MAP or EFIE ?

There are cars that get improvement in MPG without the MAP or EFIE. When someone gets one of our hho dry cells without the kit I tell them to run there vehicle for about 2 weeks, to see if there computers will adjust themselves to the HHO. If you are not happy with the results after 2 weeks start with the MAP or MAF adjustment, if you still don’t see the results you want add the EFIE.
This can save you loads of money if they are not needed. The HHO dry cell systems can save fuel on any gas or diesel vehicle, some vehicles take a bit more tuning and tweaking, to get your hydrogen on demand system to work correctly and efficiently.
Hho dry cell and hydrogen on demand expert help here


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