HHO Hyrogen Generators Are Not Rocket Science

Hydrogen on demand for your auto or truck is a remarkable simple technology. Don’t let anyone try to tell you different.
There are lots of people who try to act as if they know how hho injection works, and complicate a simple issue.
It really is not that difficult to grasp. We and thousands of other hho generator builders have written hundreds of articles on the subject.
HHO injection starts with simple electrolysis of water to make the hho gas and ends with tuning vehicle electronics.

With older carburated cars and diesel motors very little is needed after adding hho gas to see major drops in the amounts of fuel used.
Unfortunatly with computer controled vehicles the electronics need to be dealt with, that is not a major obstacle to overcome eathier.

If you add HHO to your engine, you will defanatly get an increase in combustion efficiency. That is just simple science,
and it works as certainly as getting up in the morning.
But to get your gains with newer vehicles, you have to compensate for the additional oxygen that will
now be detected in the exhaust.
And that is done by modifying the sensor information going to the computer.
If you add hho gas and modify your sensors you will get a dramatic increase in fuel mileage and
a corresponding decrease in fuel emissions.

With our HHO dry cell kits we expect people to get a minimum of 25% increase in MPG, and 30-35% is our expected average.
Some people have reported 50% or more mileage increases.
By proper application of this simple Hydrogen on demand technology

The Original Hho Dry Cell

The Original Hho Dry Cell

, you can get these increases for your vehicle too.


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