HHO Kits And Cash For Clunkers

It seems to me the cash for clunkers program is a direct slap in the face for hho kit builders and Hydrogen on Demand system installers. It sounds good on the surface if you own a car that only gets 18 miles to the gallon. To me this is another Gov. scam that will rope you into a payment on a new car that you can’t afford. If you think about it Now they own a percentage of all the auto industry, control the fuel and on and on.
People are always looking to own something new instead of utilizing what they already own to it’s best.
By adding a Hydrogen on demand kit to your “clunker” for a one time cost of $200.00 – $500.00 you will have fixed your gas mileage problem and not be stuck with another payment.

I would really appreciate your input on this so start commenting.

Hydrogen on Demand Kits at HHO2u


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