Do I Need EFIE or Map – Maf

Can I cut down on my gas consumption by adding a Hydrogen on demand system to my car without adding electronics like a MAP or EFIE ?

There are cars that get improvement in MPG without the MAP or EFIE. When someone gets one of our hho dry cells without the kit I tell them to run there vehicle for about 2 weeks, to see if there computers will adjust themselves to the HHO. If you are not happy with the results after 2 weeks start with the MAP or MAF adjustment, if you still don’t see the results you want add the EFIE.
This can save you loads of money if they are not needed. The HHO dry cell systems can save fuel on any gas or diesel vehicle, some vehicles take a bit more tuning and tweaking, to get your hydrogen on demand system to work correctly and efficiently.
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Complete HHO Dry Cell Kits

Just thought I do a fast little post to let all you Hydrogen on demand nuts know that we have the most complete hho dry cell kit around.
As you know we introduced our hho dry cell months ago, and then the “copy cats” caught on and started offering similar hho generators and now hho dry cell kits.
Those of you that bought our hho dry cell know our quality and customer service is the best around. We Thank you and have a very special gift for those who want to up grade to the hho dry cell kit.
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The Original HHO Dry Cell From

The Original HHO Dry Cell From

HHO Hyrogen Generators Are Not Rocket Science

Hydrogen on demand for your auto or truck is a remarkable simple technology. Don’t let anyone try to tell you different.
There are lots of people who try to act as if they know how hho injection works, and complicate a simple issue.
It really is not that difficult to grasp. We and thousands of other hho generator builders have written hundreds of articles on the subject.
HHO injection starts with simple electrolysis of water to make the hho gas and ends with tuning vehicle electronics.

With older carburated cars and diesel motors very little is needed after adding hho gas to see major drops in the amounts of fuel used.
Unfortunatly with computer controled vehicles the electronics need to be dealt with, that is not a major obstacle to overcome eathier.

If you add HHO to your engine, you will defanatly get an increase in combustion efficiency. That is just simple science,
and it works as certainly as getting up in the morning.
But to get your gains with newer vehicles, you have to compensate for the additional oxygen that will
now be detected in the exhaust.
And that is done by modifying the sensor information going to the computer.
If you add hho gas and modify your sensors you will get a dramatic increase in fuel mileage and
a corresponding decrease in fuel emissions.

With our HHO dry cell kits we expect people to get a minimum of 25% increase in MPG, and 30-35% is our expected average.
Some people have reported 50% or more mileage increases.
By proper application of this simple Hydrogen on demand technology

The Original Hho Dry Cell

The Original Hho Dry Cell

, you can get these increases for your vehicle too.

HHO Kits And Cash For Clunkers

It seems to me the cash for clunkers program is a direct slap in the face for hho kit builders and Hydrogen on Demand system installers. It sounds good on the surface if you own a car that only gets 18 miles to the gallon. To me this is another Gov. scam that will rope you into a payment on a new car that you can’t afford. If you think about it Now they own a percentage of all the auto industry, control the fuel and on and on.
People are always looking to own something new instead of utilizing what they already own to it’s best.
By adding a Hydrogen on demand kit to your “clunker” for a one time cost of $200.00 – $500.00 you will have fixed your gas mileage problem and not be stuck with another payment.

I would really appreciate your input on this so start commenting.

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Safety Tips For HHO Dry Cell Hydrogen on demand systems

Installing Hydrogen on Demand on your auto or truck is not that difficult but you do need to follow some basic safety. Here are just a few safety tips to follow.

SAFETY RULES For Hydrogen on Demand
1. Everything in your hho injection system should be made from stainless steel, plastics, or alloys resistant to chemical erosion.
This is important because the catalyst (usually KOH) is corrosive.
2. A water reservoir, known as a bubbler, should be installed between the hydrogen (hho)-producing cell and engine along with a one-way valve in order to eliminate the possibility of an explosion going all the way to the cell. If you chose to use our hho dry cell kit, this is automatically taken care of as the reservoir is also the bubbler.
3. Your cell should have a pressure-release valve built in.
4. Your electrolysis system needs a fuse, a relay, and 12-volt ignition source so when the engine is not running the hho generator is off. This will also prevent damage to your motor and hho kit if it is run dry, it will over heat and blow the fuse, which shuts everything off.
5. The hho cell has the potential to produce lethal gases depending on the electrolyte, so be careful.
6. Never, under any circumstances, store HHO or oxyhydrogen gas, since it is much less stable than pure hydrogen and can explode.This is the
whole idea behind “Hydrogen on Demand”, Use the hho gas as you make it.

When You use our HHO Dry Cell kit for your Hydrogen on demand System these hho safety points are all covered.
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HHO Dry Cells For Hydrogen on Demand Are The Way To Go

Hi All hho enthusiast. Just a short post to let everyone know a lot of people who have used our hho drycell for their hydrogen on demand systems are cutting their gas use by at least 20%. And to let you guys know I am done trying to convince all you supposed conservation of energy smart guys that these hydrogen on demand systems do work. There are thousands of people saving money with hydrogen on demand systems installed on their vehicles, and we have the proof.

Hydrogen on Demand For Your Auto or Truck