Thank You For HHO Dry Cell Support

Our HHO Dry Cell Is Very Successful

We at just wanted to thank all you Hydrogen on Demand experimenters that gave us input as we were testing and configuring our 11 and 21 plate HHO dry cell. And a special thanks to all those who have purchased our drycell and sent in your positive testimonial and records of gas savings achieved by incorporating our hho dry cell as part of your hydrogen on demand systems. We will be posting these to our Hydrogen on demand testimonies on our site

Thank You All – Larry

Over Heating My HHO Dry Cell (hho drycell )

Some More Basic Hydrogen on Demand Tips.

Why Does my HHO Dry Cell Heat Up ?
You want to check your water level every 3 hours.  You are burning
‘water for fuel”, so the water level will diminish. What happens is as the water turns into HHO gas and burned by the vehicle the water level goes down. The problem with this is that the cell then has more room in it for hot HHO / water mix and the catalyst you are using becomes more concentrated. To insure long life out of your fuel cell always keep your reservoir filled to capacity as per the instructions.  There are a lot of other reasons why your HHO drycell might over heat but we found this to be most common, we will be posting a list here or you can find an answer to most questions here on our Hydrogen on Demand system site