Before You Buy Hydrogen on Demand systems
If you are searching the Internet for HHO generator parts or complete Hydrogen on Demand Systems, not only are there hundreds of hho conversion kits for sale out there, but oxygen sensor kits, hho generator plans, EFIEs, bubbler kits, stainless steel parts, and more. You might be having trouble finding all of your Hydrogen on demand parts or complete Hydrogen on Demand install kits.

It is a good idea to go to some of the hho or hydrogen on demand forums to see the discussions on what is working for others. This Hydrogen on demand technology does work, but you need to take a close look before you buy any hydrogen on demand system. Here are a few things to look for that make a big difference when setting up a hydrogen on demand system:

* Seller reputation – This is important as there are hundreds out there trying to make a quick buck off this awesome hydrogen on demand technology. Are these the new guys or seasoned hho generator veterans?
* Buyer feedback – Any way of telling what buyers thought after they installed a hydrogen on demand system by this seller?
* Size and shape – Can the HHO unit you are looking at fit in your car? Get some measurements and make sure!
* Materials – Is the hho generator built out of something durable,  how long will the Hydrogen on demand system last?
* Installation materials – If you are buying an hho kit, it should come with all the vacuum and electrical connection supplies that are needed to make it a complete hydrogen on demand system.

Here on this site you will find we make an up graded version of the water4gas type hho generator, these we build ourselves to offer those that want to have hydrogen on demand on their auto or truck but don’t have a lot of money to invest in their hho gas system.
P.S. don’t forget to pick up Free HHO generator plans and other Free hho devices plans HERE

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  1. Hi All
    I just want to chime in on Hydrogen on Demand savings.
    This does work because I have saved a bunch since I installed mine. I put my hho generator on when gas was $4 a gallon and I still save bunches because it works by %. 20% of $2 a gallon is still a bunch.
    Thank You HHO2U

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