Awesome HHO generator plans FREE

Bob Boyce the Hydrogen on Demand Super Hero

HI all :
I thought I would Write a Quickie just to make sure everyone has a copy of Bob Boyce’s HHO generator plans. These guys will not use the term hho gas in any thing they write because, believe it or not there is a patent pending on the word HHO, (Hydroxy)
Any ways Bob Boyce is the “MAN” when it comes to proof of the capability’s of Hydrogen on Demand and HHO generators, his
“D9.pdf” might just end the oil wars and fossil fuel use. Bob Boyce and documenter, Patrick Kelly, have teamed up to revise Kelly’s public domain D9.pdf file making it much easier for DIY Hydroxy (hho gas) researchers to replicate. It now holds complete plans for replicating the Bob Boyce Electrolyzer. Three or four critical items of information that were omitted from the previous file have now been supplied and more detailed instruction for assembly, plate cleaning, conditioning and start up procedures have been added.

This new file is available on the WorkingWatercar Yahoo egroup and at Buy the best hho dry Other groups should update their file section accordingly. Questions that builders have had about specific torodial transformer primary winding, hooking up the PWM3 controller to the Electrolyzer, water level control, and cautions about not powering up the Electrolyzer without electrolyte; seem to have completed the instructions for a full replication of the Boyce system.
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