Have a Hybid car TODAY with HHO GENERATORS

Facts you should know about HHO Generators:
HHO Gas from any type of HHO generator
Do not make the engine run on it’s own.

It is what the HHO does to the inefficient gasoline or diesel to help combustion. Gasoline is only 13% efficient on average when it comes to actual power produced by the combustion process.
Adding HHO fuel which is two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen split apart into their sub-diatomic molecular state from water (H2O)
will cause the inefficient gasoline or diesel fuel to burn at a rate of better than 95% efficiency.
That is why when you add hho gas from a HHO generator you see increased performance, better gas mileage and cleaner emissions.

The gasoline or diesel fuel supplemented by the HHO from your hho generator now burns more complete. It’s not the HHO; it’s what the HHO does during the combustion process to the gasoline.
You are increasing the efficiency of a fuel already supplied by supplementing it with an additive (HHO) to increase it’s production of energy during the combustion process.
This is why those who add HHO Generators aka; “Hydrogen on Demand Systems for Your Auto and Truck” see major improvements in their gas MPG It simply takes much less fuel to do the same amount of work.

All HHO generators or “Hydrogen on Demand systems” are being used to create “Hybrid cars” which means at this day and time “Hydrogen on Demand Systems for Your Auto and Truck” are to be used in conjunction with your vehicles normal fuel.
We do believe if the public gets involved by using the available HHO technology to SAVE GAS and our environment the government and car dealers will have to follow.

Here are several Free HHO GENERATOR PLANS

Thank You for stopping by Larry – www.hho2u.com


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