HHO generators are the main component for “Hydrogen on Demand Systems for your auto and truck”, they work by converting H2O (water) into Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO)
The liquid h20 is split apart into two gases, hydrogen and oxygen It is a process known as electrolysis.DC from your car battery is used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water into what is known as their sub-diatomic molecular state. An electrolyte is added to the water to enhance the process NaHCo3 Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is the safest electrolyte for the average HHO generator. There are other chemicals that will produce more HHO GAS but they are harder to manage. We will get into this subject in another Post.

The HHO gases produced in there sub-diatomical (split apart) state are then drawn into the engine by vacuum and mixed with gasoline or diesel and ignited by spark from the ignition.
This mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from your HHO generator and gasoline or diesel fuel results in better fuel economy because the burning process of your fuel is greatly enhanced by the HHO gases. After the explosion created in the cylinders the HHO gas will then convert back into hot steam which is then forced out during the exhaust stroke and out of the tail pipe.
The whole process begins and ends with H20.

The HHO system, which consist of a HHO generator, vacuum lines and in most cases simple electrical connections can be easily assembled and installed. The Water4Gas type HHO Generator/Hydrogen on Demand systems are the simplest DIY hho generators and install systems.

Wither you buy a HHO device pre built or assemble your own HHO Generator, you should test it by simply temporarily connecting to a battery to ensure it produces HHO gas, this is one good reason to build your HHO generators with a clear container, so you can see whats going on inside and make adjustments to the air in put to achive maximum HHO GAS volume from your hho generator before and after connecting it to your engine.

To learn more about HHO Generators, And get free HHO generator plans go to http://hho2u.com


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