Before You Buy Hydrogen on Demand systems
If you are searching the Internet for HHO generator parts or complete Hydrogen on Demand Systems, not only are there hundreds of hho conversion kits for sale out there, but oxygen sensor kits, hho generator plans, EFIEs, bubbler kits, stainless steel parts, and more. You might be having trouble finding all of your Hydrogen on demand parts or complete Hydrogen on Demand install kits.

It is a good idea to go to some of the hho or hydrogen on demand forums to see the discussions on what is working for others. This Hydrogen on demand technology does work, but you need to take a close look before you buy any hydrogen on demand system. Here are a few things to look for that make a big difference when setting up a hydrogen on demand system:

* Seller reputation – This is important as there are hundreds out there trying to make a quick buck off this awesome hydrogen on demand technology. Are these the new guys or seasoned hho generator veterans?
* Buyer feedback – Any way of telling what buyers thought after they installed a hydrogen on demand system by this seller?
* Size and shape – Can the HHO unit you are looking at fit in your car? Get some measurements and make sure!
* Materials – Is the hho generator built out of something durable,  how long will the Hydrogen on demand system last?
* Installation materials – If you are buying an hho kit, it should come with all the vacuum and electrical connection supplies that are needed to make it a complete hydrogen on demand system.

Here on this site you will find we make an up graded version of the water4gas type hho generator, these we build ourselves to offer those that want to have hydrogen on demand on their auto or truck but don’t have a lot of money to invest in their hho gas system.
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Bob Boyce the Hydrogen on Demand Super Hero

HI all :
I thought I would Write a Quickie just to make sure everyone has a copy of Bob Boyce’s HHO generator plans. These guys will not use the term hho gas in any thing they write because, believe it or not there is a patent pending on the word HHO, (Hydroxy)
Any ways Bob Boyce is the “MAN” when it comes to proof of the capability’s of Hydrogen on Demand and HHO generators, his
“D9.pdf” might just end the oil wars and fossil fuel use. Bob Boyce and documenter, Patrick Kelly, have teamed up to revise Kelly’s public domain D9.pdf file making it much easier for DIY Hydroxy (hho gas) researchers to replicate. It now holds complete plans for replicating the Bob Boyce Electrolyzer. Three or four critical items of information that were omitted from the previous file have now been supplied and more detailed instruction for assembly, plate cleaning, conditioning and start up procedures have been added.

This new file is available on the WorkingWatercar Yahoo egroup and at Buy the best hho dry Other groups should update their file section accordingly. Questions that builders have had about specific torodial transformer primary winding, hooking up the PWM3 controller to the Electrolyzer, water level control, and cautions about not powering up the Electrolyzer without electrolyte; seem to have completed the instructions for a full replication of the Boyce system.
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I spoke to Tom and his wife Brianne from Punch HHO back in July (2009)after doing a little research on their Punch HHO generators. Tom didn’t mind me grilling him with Questions about his Hydrogen on Demand systems and their company’s success. I had become an affiliate partner and was promoting his product so I wanted to learn all there was to know about their Punch HHO hydrogen generators.

At that time Tom and Brianne had been selling their hho kits for about 4 months and had sold H U N D R E D S of them. Tom had bought the Water4Gas books about 2 months prior to our conversation in July, and six months later had more orders for his own modified hydrogen on demand kit than he could keep up with.

Tom said “We bought the water4gas books and learned all about hydrogen on demand and other fuel saving devices. We put the hho units in our cars and got excellent results of about 8 -10 mpg gain in both test vehicles and that got us really excited”. So he started looking around at HHO cells and other Hydrogen on Demand systems and noticed that people were selling some of the “most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen”.

Tom decided “I can do better than that”, so he invested every thing he had setting up his shop and buying tools and parts. Before releasing the Punch hho generators Tom checked out some of the other hho products that were on the market at the time. Most of them were making claims of unheard of hho gas production he knew to be untrue as he conducted his own hho experimentation until he had a hho unit he was confident in to release to the public.

I just spoke with Tom and Brianne Yesterday after getting an email from them, as did all of their hho affiliate marketers.
Tom said “We Didn’t See It Coming Larry, we have an eighteen wheeler packed full of our Punch HHO generators and hho products sitting out side and we need to move these product so I can get back my investment”.

What does that mean to you ?
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HHO Will Save You When Gas Goes Up

Over the last 3 months public interest in HHO technology has all but ceased. Well, it’s no secret why. With gas prices dipping to $1.50 a gallon and an economy in shambles, turning water into gas from a HHO Generator seems not quite worth the effort at the moment. Folks are happy to fill their vehicles with precious gasoline for 30 or 40 bucks and smile about it.

Only the most optimistic person believes that gas prices are going to stay this low for long; and, when prices go up they will more than likely skyrocket way beyond the price per gallon six months ago. CNN reports that if anything were to happen with IRAN we could see 10 – 15 dollar fuel prices. With Israel in conflict things might even get shook up. The oil producing countries don’t seem to need much of an excuse any more. HHO will become more in demand than ever, because it has already proven to be a viable and reasonably inexpensive way to get 10 to 50 percent better gas mileage from almost any gas or diesel powered vehicle.
People seem to get in a survival mode, and yes it is easier to “survive” right now but will you be ready when the gas and diesel fuel prices go back up past where they were 6 or 8 months. Iran is just an extreme example. Gas prices will return to all time highs regardless of what happens in the world and HHO will become popular once again.

This is the perfect opportunity for HHO experimentation. With the low gas prices it’s not so hard on the wallet to build your own HHO generator or Hydrogen on demand system and still top off your gas tank to test and tune your HHO setup, and prepare for when the  gas prices peak again. You will have saved enough money to pay for your HHO system and be all setup and tuned in.

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Have a Hybid car TODAY with HHO GENERATORS

Facts you should know about HHO Generators:
HHO Gas from any type of HHO generator
Do not make the engine run on it’s own.

It is what the HHO does to the inefficient gasoline or diesel to help combustion. Gasoline is only 13% efficient on average when it comes to actual power produced by the combustion process.
Adding HHO fuel which is two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen split apart into their sub-diatomic molecular state from water (H2O)
will cause the inefficient gasoline or diesel fuel to burn at a rate of better than 95% efficiency.
That is why when you add hho gas from a HHO generator you see increased performance, better gas mileage and cleaner emissions.

The gasoline or diesel fuel supplemented by the HHO from your hho generator now burns more complete. It’s not the HHO; it’s what the HHO does during the combustion process to the gasoline.
You are increasing the efficiency of a fuel already supplied by supplementing it with an additive (HHO) to increase it’s production of energy during the combustion process.
This is why those who add HHO Generators aka; “Hydrogen on Demand Systems for Your Auto and Truck” see major improvements in their gas MPG It simply takes much less fuel to do the same amount of work.

All HHO generators or “Hydrogen on Demand systems” are being used to create “Hybrid cars” which means at this day and time “Hydrogen on Demand Systems for Your Auto and Truck” are to be used in conjunction with your vehicles normal fuel.
We do believe if the public gets involved by using the available HHO technology to SAVE GAS and our environment the government and car dealers will have to follow.

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HHO generators are the main component for “Hydrogen on Demand Systems for your auto and truck”, they work by converting H2O (water) into Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO)
The liquid h20 is split apart into two gases, hydrogen and oxygen It is a process known as electrolysis.DC from your car battery is used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water into what is known as their sub-diatomic molecular state. An electrolyte is added to the water to enhance the process NaHCo3 Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is the safest electrolyte for the average HHO generator. There are other chemicals that will produce more HHO GAS but they are harder to manage. We will get into this subject in another Post.

The HHO gases produced in there sub-diatomical (split apart) state are then drawn into the engine by vacuum and mixed with gasoline or diesel and ignited by spark from the ignition.
This mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from your HHO generator and gasoline or diesel fuel results in better fuel economy because the burning process of your fuel is greatly enhanced by the HHO gases. After the explosion created in the cylinders the HHO gas will then convert back into hot steam which is then forced out during the exhaust stroke and out of the tail pipe.
The whole process begins and ends with H20.

The HHO system, which consist of a HHO generator, vacuum lines and in most cases simple electrical connections can be easily assembled and installed. The Water4Gas type HHO Generator/Hydrogen on Demand systems are the simplest DIY hho generators and install systems.

Wither you buy a HHO device pre built or assemble your own HHO Generator, you should test it by simply temporarily connecting to a battery to ensure it produces HHO gas, this is one good reason to build your HHO generators with a clear container, so you can see whats going on inside and make adjustments to the air in put to achive maximum HHO GAS volume from your hho generator before and after connecting it to your engine.

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