HHO Generators : How To Run Your Car With Both Water and Gasoline.
Free HHO Generator Plans

If you are one of the thousands of people who are looking to increase your gas mileage, thus saving money you can use elsewhere,you are in the right place.
We want to help you to use HHO gas to reduce your dependency on fossil fuel.

If you are concerned about the environment and seriously would like to stop contributing towards global warming using hho gas as a supplement in the car you already own is a good start.

HHO gas generation is the alternative you are looking for; HHO Gas – Using Water as Fuel is really not that difficult using a simple HHO electrolyser commonly known as the HHO Generator

Hydrogen gas is not stored in a pressurized container. HHO gas is produced by your HHO generator via electrolysis to complement gasoline combustion with HHO on demand, sometimes miss labeled as Hydrogen on demand.
Though considered to be experimental only, it has been tested by thousands of people (me included) with satisfaction. Claims of gas mileage improvement of 15% to 50% are widely reported. Some even higher! This would mean that the world’s dependency on fossil oil will be greatly reduced. Harmful emissions from gasoline combustion to the environment would be greatly reduced too.

We cannot completely do without the use of gasoline in today’s vehicles, but we can help by burning less with the use of HHO generators. With the use of HHO generators we can be assured of an odorless exhaust and at the same time achieve fuel efficiency. Cars that have installed HHO systems have proven lowered CO2 emissions and NO2 emissions on smog test. HHO generator is environmentally the right choice.

We will continue to bring you more on this subject and provide you with as much FREE help as we can. Get these free HHO generator Plans


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