Hho – THE TRUTH about HYDROGEN generators and Water4Gas

The Truth About The Hydrogen Generator or HHO Generators.
Are Hydrogen Conversion Kits a Scam? How to Build a Hydrogen Generator
DIY HHO Gas Conversion Kits Homemade Hydrogen Generator Plans.

The truth about the Hydrogen Generator, or HHO Generators, as it is commonly called.

The Hydrogen Generator, or HHO Generator, is one of the most searched terms on the Internet today. It’s no wonder the way gas prices shot up and then down.(we know they won’t stay down for long)
Everyone is looking for a way to save gas, even if it’s by a process of turning water into a burnable fuel.
Call it what you like Browns gas, hydroxy, HHO ect.
I found this ridiculous article by someone trying to push their version of a hydrogen generator by making claims that plastic (abs) is better to cook hho gas than glass, this guy needs to do some studying before he starts knocking the water4gas type generators. ABS WILL MELT

I know first hand that the water4gas type Hydrogen Generator does indeed work very well and are very safe, unless of course you want to play basket ball with it. We have built and supplied many of these to our customers and every one of them is satisfied. Testimonials at HHO2U.com

This same guy says he is an expert on HHO  production because he “made some bubbles and lit them with a lighter”  Wee that a plus, but we did that years ago “just to see if it was real”.

There is a real problem out there with myths and misinformation about these Hydrogen Generators. So I will share the facts with my readers about the Hydrogen Generator, HHO Generator.

Let me take this opportunity to apologize to my readers, lately I have been pushing my website on this blog and forgot why my readers are here  — Accurate information on Hydrogen on demand. We will continue to bring you the most accurate honest information on  this subject.

Please feel free to join in on the discussions, give your input, share your ideas and experiences. Lets get to the bottom of all the hype about the Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

Thank You .. Larry – hho2u.com


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