HHO GAS as a Fuel Source ?

HHO – Real or Hoax

If your like me you are sick of watching fuel prices rise to unbearable level and then go back down,after the big oil companies squeaze an extra 50 billion out of you and I read this.
At the peak of there “games” I knew I needed to find some relief somewhere, somehow.
So I began to research. I stumbled across many outrageous contraptions and ideas.

The most intriguing technology I came across was HHO gas (H2O1). People were picking up on a simple technology that has been around for hundreds of years and has applied patents that are at least 80 years old.
Electrolysis of water, they were saying breaks the water (H2o) into hho (hydrogen, hydrogen, oxygen). Call it what you like hydrogen on demand systems, hho injection, browns gas or whatever you like.
It took me some time to sift through the “bull” and find the real deal.
I was extremely skeptical because I was trying to save money not through it away, after all even at $4.00 a gallon $100.00 does get you down the road.

I started to research. This can be very difficult when everybody and their brother is trying to sell a “how to” ebook on how to buy and install your miracle money saving system.
At that time Ozzie from Water4Gas stuck out and still does.
Water4Gas offers their ebooks for $97.00 and there package is well worth that, they not only told you how to build the now well known SPIRAL type electrolysers, but a whole array of gas saving devices and tips along with access to their members site.

So we got the water 4 gas material and went to work at saving money by turning water into gas.

Does it actually work?

Most of the claims you will see are somewhat bloated, but we did see 10% increases on several vehicles with electrolyzers built to exact water4gas specs. (to be continued)


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