Do HHO fuel cells draw more power than they produce?

This post is for all you mis-informed-physics-theorists that lack BASIC understanding of how the charging system on a vehicle works. Your car burns gas to turn the alternator. The more gas you burn, the more it turns, the more energy
it produces. The installers of Hydrogen on demand systems or more commonly known as HHO GENERATORS create “brown gas” or HHO with the excess energy that the alternator produces.

This is where you went wrong.  Any mechanic, or person with adequate experience can tell you that your alternator produces WAY more energy than your car uses.  Let me explain. Your engine turns the alternator at a rate fast enough to produce MORE than enough energy to recharge the battery and create the spark necessary to fire the engine.
It also happens to do this at idling rpm’s which, depending on your vehicle, can be as low as 500 rpm. The only way your alternator can produce more energy,  is if it is turned faster.  The only way to turn it faster is to increase the rpm’s which happens automatically when you are driving. When you drive your car your alternator is producing alot of energy.  Actually, it is producing TOO MUCH energy.

Modern alternators have had regulators built into them for years and before that they were external devices that limit their output.
The device detects if your alternator is producing too much energy relative to your vehicles demands, and then limits its output.
All vehicles also have voltage regulators external to the alternator that does the exact same thing.

HHO supplemental systems modify your vehicles energy demand at a rate that reflects the surplus energy produced by your alternator.
This is why HHO systems acually save money and do not, in fact, defy the laws of physics.

Larry —


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