HHO Generators : How To Run Your Car With Both Water and Gasoline.
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If you are one of the thousands of people who are looking to increase your gas mileage, thus saving money you can use elsewhere,you are in the right place.
We want to help you to use HHO gas to reduce your dependency on fossil fuel.

If you are concerned about the environment and seriously would like to stop contributing towards global warming using hho gas as a supplement in the car you already own is a good start.

HHO gas generation is the alternative you are looking for; HHO Gas – Using Water as Fuel is really not that difficult using a simple HHO electrolyser commonly known as the HHO Generator

Hydrogen gas is not stored in a pressurized container. HHO gas is produced by your HHO generator via electrolysis to complement gasoline combustion with HHO on demand, sometimes miss labeled as Hydrogen on demand.
Though considered to be experimental only, it has been tested by thousands of people (me included) with satisfaction. Claims of gas mileage improvement of 15% to 50% are widely reported. Some even higher! This would mean that the world’s dependency on fossil oil will be greatly reduced. Harmful emissions from gasoline combustion to the environment would be greatly reduced too.

We cannot completely do without the use of gasoline in today’s vehicles, but we can help by burning less with the use of HHO generators. With the use of HHO generators we can be assured of an odorless exhaust and at the same time achieve fuel efficiency. Cars that have installed HHO systems have proven lowered CO2 emissions and NO2 emissions on smog test. HHO generator is environmentally the right choice.

We will continue to bring you more on this subject and provide you with as much FREE help as we can. Get these free HHO generator Plans

Hho – THE TRUTH about HYDROGEN generators and Water4Gas

The Truth About The Hydrogen Generator or HHO Generators.
Are Hydrogen Conversion Kits a Scam? How to Build a Hydrogen Generator
DIY HHO Gas Conversion Kits Homemade Hydrogen Generator Plans.

The truth about the Hydrogen Generator, or HHO Generators, as it is commonly called.

The Hydrogen Generator, or HHO Generator, is one of the most searched terms on the Internet today. It’s no wonder the way gas prices shot up and then down.(we know they won’t stay down for long)
Everyone is looking for a way to save gas, even if it’s by a process of turning water into a burnable fuel.
Call it what you like Browns gas, hydroxy, HHO ect.
I found this ridiculous article by someone trying to push their version of a hydrogen generator by making claims that plastic (abs) is better to cook hho gas than glass, this guy needs to do some studying before he starts knocking the water4gas type generators. ABS WILL MELT

I know first hand that the water4gas type Hydrogen Generator does indeed work very well and are very safe, unless of course you want to play basket ball with it. We have built and supplied many of these to our customers and every one of them is satisfied. Testimonials at

This same guy says he is an expert on HHO  production because he “made some bubbles and lit them with a lighter”  Wee that a plus, but we did that years ago “just to see if it was real”.

There is a real problem out there with myths and misinformation about these Hydrogen Generators. So I will share the facts with my readers about the Hydrogen Generator, HHO Generator.

Let me take this opportunity to apologize to my readers, lately I have been pushing my website on this blog and forgot why my readers are here  — Accurate information on Hydrogen on demand. We will continue to bring you the most accurate honest information on  this subject.

Please feel free to join in on the discussions, give your input, share your ideas and experiences. Lets get to the bottom of all the hype about the Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

Thank You .. Larry –

HHO GAS as a Fuel Source ?

HHO – Real or Hoax

If your like me you are sick of watching fuel prices rise to unbearable level and then go back down,after the big oil companies squeaze an extra 50 billion out of you and I read this.
At the peak of there “games” I knew I needed to find some relief somewhere, somehow.
So I began to research. I stumbled across many outrageous contraptions and ideas.

The most intriguing technology I came across was HHO gas (H2O1). People were picking up on a simple technology that has been around for hundreds of years and has applied patents that are at least 80 years old.
Electrolysis of water, they were saying breaks the water (H2o) into hho (hydrogen, hydrogen, oxygen). Call it what you like hydrogen on demand systems, hho injection, browns gas or whatever you like.
It took me some time to sift through the “bull” and find the real deal.
I was extremely skeptical because I was trying to save money not through it away, after all even at $4.00 a gallon $100.00 does get you down the road.

I started to research. This can be very difficult when everybody and their brother is trying to sell a “how to” ebook on how to buy and install your miracle money saving system.
At that time Ozzie from Water4Gas stuck out and still does.
Water4Gas offers their ebooks for $97.00 and there package is well worth that, they not only told you how to build the now well known SPIRAL type electrolysers, but a whole array of gas saving devices and tips along with access to their members site.

So we got the water 4 gas material and went to work at saving money by turning water into gas.

Does it actually work?

Most of the claims you will see are somewhat bloated, but we did see 10% increases on several vehicles with electrolyzers built to exact water4gas specs. (to be continued)


Improving Gas Mileage Economy
Simple Free Ways To Improve Gas Mileage or Kilometers Per Litre
Have you asked yourself how do I increase gas mileage?

If your looking into gas savings or saving  gas by use of devices that produce HHO or ‘browns gas”, some times called Hydrogen on Demand systems.
Make sure your car is getting the best mpg or kilometers per litre kpl. with these free tips first.

With these basic tips you can increase your fuel economy and also improve your ride and prolong you cars life.

By properly tuning  your vehicle you can gain about 4%  better gas mileage.

A faulty oxygen sensor when fixed can improve your gas mileage up to 40%.

Replace air filters regularly this can improve your gas mileage or kilometers per litre up to 10%.
Fuel Economy Savings: up to 10%

Keep Tires Properly Inflated. This is not only a gas savings issues, up to 3% better gas mileage but also will increase the life of your tires
and give you a safer more confortable ride.

Just by keeping your motor oil clean by changing it every 3000 miles and always use the recommended grade as suggested by your
manufacturer or a high grade synthetic you can Benefit a  1-2% increase in your miles per gallon or kilometers per litre.

After you have done everything according to these Tips, your maintenance manual and your mechanic to increase gas mileage
You can now gain an additional 15% – 50% by adding  HHO by HHO2U.

Do HHO fuel cells draw more power than they produce?

This post is for all you mis-informed-physics-theorists that lack BASIC understanding of how the charging system on a vehicle works. Your car burns gas to turn the alternator. The more gas you burn, the more it turns, the more energy
it produces. The installers of Hydrogen on demand systems or more commonly known as HHO GENERATORS create “brown gas” or HHO with the excess energy that the alternator produces.

This is where you went wrong.  Any mechanic, or person with adequate experience can tell you that your alternator produces WAY more energy than your car uses.  Let me explain. Your engine turns the alternator at a rate fast enough to produce MORE than enough energy to recharge the battery and create the spark necessary to fire the engine.
It also happens to do this at idling rpm’s which, depending on your vehicle, can be as low as 500 rpm. The only way your alternator can produce more energy,  is if it is turned faster.  The only way to turn it faster is to increase the rpm’s which happens automatically when you are driving. When you drive your car your alternator is producing alot of energy.  Actually, it is producing TOO MUCH energy.

Modern alternators have had regulators built into them for years and before that they were external devices that limit their output.
The device detects if your alternator is producing too much energy relative to your vehicles demands, and then limits its output.
All vehicles also have voltage regulators external to the alternator that does the exact same thing.

HHO supplemental systems modify your vehicles energy demand at a rate that reflects the surplus energy produced by your alternator.
This is why HHO systems acually save money and do not, in fact, defy the laws of physics.

Larry —