How Does a HHO System Work?

HHO2U Systems
How Does a HHO System Work?

What is the HHO / Hydrogen on demand System doing under the hood of your vehicle?
To start, the HHO Generator converts H2O (water) into hydrogen, and oxygen, or HHO using a catalyst (baking soda),or other “electrolyte” added to plain old water
by putting an electrical charge to the water (your 12v battery).
The process of adding an electrical charge to water is called
electrolysis this breaks apart the water molecules, which puts them
back into their gaseous form of hydrogen and oxygen, we call this HHO gas or Hydroxy gas.
HHO gas is cleaner burning and much more powerful than gasoline.
While separating water from its original state into its gaseous form each gallon of water expands to create 1866 gallons of combustible gas! That’s why so
little water is consumed and yet you get to see the benefits you do.
When you fill your vehicle up at the pumps only 20% -30% of the gasoline you are putting into your vehicle is used to propel your vehicle. The rest of the 70% – 80% is being burned up or released as emissions.
This is bad for your wallet and bad for the environment, and this is what we are looking to change with these hho systems.
HHO gas causes fuel to ignite more slowly by lowering the temperature and allowing the pistons to get to a higher state before igniting the gasoline and pushing the pistons back down. This of course allows the pistons to transfer more energy during its ignition cycle, which equates to more fuel efficiency for you. So your vehicle isn’t exactly running on water.
Introducing the HHO gas to your vehicle makes your engine run more productively basically turning the gasoline you use into a higher octane fuel, which equates to better gas mileage for you.
Visit our website for more complete information and the best water4gas type systems around.


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