So sorry we have not posted lately. It is a really long story that I wont go into detail about right now.

The only good thing that came out of being stranded in the hot A.. Arizona desert was the experimentation with Solar and HHO/ Hydrogen generators. It was very interesting, If you have already made the investment in solar panels and such you can basically generate FREE hho gas, and enough to heat or ??. We will be doing a study on this unique subject and would like here from any one with knowledge on how to put together an efficient unit

We now have our “water4gas” type HHO generators and such on our Website along with a lot of FREE info so be sure and pay us a visit at www.hho2u.com


One response to “HHO and HYDROGEN on DEMAND – BUY IT HERE

  1. I’ve been thinking about adding a solar panel to my van to power my Hydrogen generator. The only problem is that it isn’t to sunny all the time here in the UK so it may not be too effective! Some sort of turbine type dynamo set up on the roof would work so I’m looking into doing that.

    Keep up the good work.


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