What you fail to understand is that in the late 70’s-early 80’s when carbs were in use there was not a map sensor, intake air temp sensor, O2 sensors or a ECU to change the AF ratios. The carb had adjustments for a single AF ratio. So why is it that they put all of those sensors on our vehicles????. That’s right….to keep you from getting better Fuel Economy. Didn’t they tell us that all those sensors were to help us improve FE. All that crap keeps us from improving FE and increases our maintenance bill to get all of it worked on….force us to take it to them. It is all about money flow to them and us not getting great FE.
Here is a simple analogy.. In 1924 the Model T ford was being mass produced and the vehicle got 24 MPG. The average vehicle on the road in 2007 gets 25 MPG…
On the other hand do you remember the telephone in the 1930’s???? Black rotary dial piece of junk, right? In 2008 the cell phones are some of the most sophisticated devices known to man. Sooooo… 84 years they can’t do anything on a mass scale for FE. Give me a break!!!!! FE is clearly suppressed. In 1954 a guy named Henry Pogue had a modified carb that got 94 MPG and 100 MPG. There are over 200 patents for vehicles that get over 100 MPG. Where are these patents??? I am glad you asked The patents are owned by Ford, Chrysler, GM, Exxon/Mobil, Texaco and BP. They purchase the patents from the original inventor and “shelf the patent” It is being done on purpose. If you can’t see that for yourself then ask yourself how great of a company you would be if you never improved your product for economy??? The average company would be shut down. In this case we have big oil, g0vt and the auto manufacturers all working together on this one. It is all about control. Plastics and rubber products are derived thru oil. Pharmaceuticals are an oil derivative. Now if you can control the oil then you can control the entire world. They have controlled the media(TV, Newspapers, magazines since the early 1930’s) And you thought that just because the g0vt is the authority that they are telling the truth. That is it for my rant today. It is all being done by design.
This is all so true:;; I thought I would Post This for you guys because this is the “rant” I got when I asked a simple question : DO EXTENDERS ON O2 sensors save gas ??

Answer is —- By moving the sensor further away from the exhaust it runs cooler – therefor leaning the mixture. Simple huh.
There is so much that you can do to adjust your many different sensors and computers to save gas and we will find ALL of them for you and post as we do.

Thank You – God Bless ……. LD


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