HHO GAS adds miles per gallon

Why HHO Gas Adds Miles Per Gallon

HHO or Hydroxy gas is made from splitting water into a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen , these two combined is a very powerful gas. The power to do this on your average car or truck can be accomplished efficiently because your alternator which is where you are getting the current to power your Hydrogen generator is already in motion and remains a constant pull weather you have a Hydrogen on demand system installed or not.Your using power that’s already there for free.

The HHo gas produced from the electrolysis of the water, when added to your current engines intake, makes a super efficient fuel additive. Besides the increased miles per gallon, you’ll notice a smoother cooler running engine. The results are immediate. This is due to the increased octane from the oxygen and the reduced flame combustion temperature from the hydrogen. Not only is your engine going to run like it’s burning premium gas from the pump, your going to be using a lot less of the gasoline you bought for about $4.00 a gallon.

Hydroxy gas allows for a more complete burn of your fuel whither it is gasoline or diesel. The current combustion process of our “modern” engines do not use all of the fuel.( why??) A lot of your fuel is not completely burned. Hydroxy gas forces all of that wasted fuel to burn therefore cutting down on the amount needed to produce the same amount of power.!
Your paying big money to waste fuel, and then your paying again to run that unburned fuel through supposed “smog equipment,” all part of a well thought out master plan.
We will get into some of the proven “big oil conspiracy” later. Check out this.

We are constructing a web site to help spread the awesome Hydrogen on demand technology and to help any one in need HHO2U.
You can email us any time ….. contact@hho2u.com


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