Check out these articles from Arizona :

The reason these articles on Hydrogen on demand systems that are working are of particular interest to me is – by next week I will be an official resident of Arizona and when I get there I will surely look these guys up and get some great info. for you readers.

The first article is about inventor Adrien Burkhart of Chandler, Arizona who sells a $700 hydrogen on demand generator. Mr. Burkhart says he hasa couple of hundred thousand miles on one of his HHO generators and it’s still working.

The other article is a guy in Mesa, Arizona who is installing his hydrogen on demand units in a mechanic’s shop at the corner of Power Road and McDowell Road. One of the customers of “Steve” said this hydrogen on demand unit saved him and his family $70 to $80 on a recent 250-mile trip in an SUV.

So, there you have it, stories about hydrogen on demand saving gas and emissions from Arizona. We will try to meet up with these guys and bring you some info. on how they set up their HHO systems.
O — BUY THE WAY — We are setting up a HHO site dedicated entirely to this great technology === HHO2U.com


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