Check out this portion of an ezine I came across :
In researching another post, I stumbled upon a site advertising so-called HHO gas engine modification technique (HHO gas is the term they use for a 2:1 mixture of elemental hydrogen and oxygen). Usually, such snake oil would not even be worth addressing. The idea itself is that water can be used to supplement gas in fueling an automobile, thereby getting additional travel distance at no extra cost. Some readers probably notice that this would violate the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. According to sites like this, the reason why this design is not being used already is that automobile companies are conspiring to hide it from the general public to keep us dependent on oil. The site makes use of the common rifting fiction that the people peddling this manual are crusaders here to rescue us from corporate insiders in smoke-filled rooms.
This guy is a firm non believer, I’m guessing he hasn’t done all the research and experimenting that some of us have. I wonder if he can explain away the 32% increase in mileage that I and many others have experienced on two different cars after installing systems from water4gas

We would like to here from both sides of this HHO debate so :
Email us atcontact@hho2u.com
PS: Here is a good place to buy the parts this guy says don’t work —


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