Hydrogen gas on your car TODAY

We like many people around the world are tired of paying huge prices for fossil fuel when there has been alternative methods for decades that have been suppressed. Thanks to the internet we and thousands of others will bring this simple technology to the general public.

Best hho dry cell design

Global HHO Dry Cell

As of 2012 hho2u is most definitely building a Superior HHO dry cell that is Globally recognized.
Thank You and GOD BLESS
This is not meant to be a conspiracy blog but do your research :
Stanley Meyer died on 21 March 1998 at the age of 57 after eating at a restaurant. An autopsy report by Franklin County, Ohio coroner William R. Adrion concluded that Meyer, who suffered from high blood pressure, had died of a cerebral aneurysm.
Conspiracy theories persist, however, that he was poisoned, and that oil companies and the United States government were involved in his death. It is argued that this was done to suppress the technology, despite the fact that complete plans remain available both online and in Meyer’s patent. To date, no one has used them to demonstrate a working prototype.

For More information on hho kits – and mainly hho dry cell install kits check out hho2u – hho kit direct from manufacturer


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