California HHO Kits – Cut the Gas Price

Once again the demon gas whores are trashing Cal. with high gas prices.

Blowing up refinerys is not beyond their scope to get gasoline prices where they want them ( Torrence Ca.)

Again – Go to HHO2u and read some of the testimonials from California HHO installers, these guys are still out there to help lower your gas or diesel consumption.

HHO installer testimonialsBuy the best hho dry cell


Just thought I would put it out there that there is a Thieving Dog In India using pictures stolen from us and to advertise an hho dry cell. Don’t know for sure yet wither they are copying the design and selling hho dry cells and systems in India and surrounding.

HHO India has a bad rap already and can not be confused with the real deal designed way back in 2008 by

India HHO - hho in India


Anybody with more info on these guys please leave a comment.

Connecting Our HHO Generator Sites

As of 8/1-2013 we will connect all our sources and sites on the subject of hho and hho devices together, most of these sites have been around since 2009 or sooner and if google wishes to call this over optimization so be it.

We only wish to bring the most accurate info. to the public and the way the information has showed up in the so called generic search for terms such as hho generator or hydrogen on demand systems lately is absolutely ridicules; if you don’t list your hho systems on ebay or amazon you do not show up for the search terms – hho dry cell or hho generator kit, even if you have the most informative and oldest site on the subject as does.

For now here is a link to our G+ page – don’t know much about this new wave “social” stuff but if it helps spread the word , so be it. I believe you can navigate to our HHO Generator  blogger blogs from there.
Thank You and GOD BLESS

HHO in India – Our HHO Dry Cells in India ?

Hi Guys, sorry I havent had time to post lately, trying to make ends meet.

HHO dry cell kits in India


Thought I would throw this out there – I stumbled over a site called hhoindia dot com and the dude has a pic of MY 21 plate dry cells as his product. Started searching the guy out and found some bad reviews and such. Anyone heard of this hho India ?

He is mostly peddling the hydro 9 plate wich he probably gets for 40.00 from hydro*** and in my opinion not worth that.

Anyone know anything about this India hho guy please let me know as we are about to enter into a long term deal with a legitimate company in India for some real hho system that will do what we say. Testing hho India ongoing.

HHO Dry Cell New 24v From HHO2u

24v hho  From The Builder of The Best HHO Dry Cell - New 24v

More of The Best HHO Dry Cells From HHO2u

Thought everyone would be interested in this new 24 volt hho dry cell from the builders of the best and most used hho drycell generators worldwide.

HHO2u is releasing a 6 inch 24 volt cell that is testing out at 6 LPMs and as you probably know these guys do not put together and junk or rattle on with a bunch of hype and hoopla about extra hho punch from some fantastic new way of building a dry cell. Their same hho drycell that has been the number one system used world wide for over 4 years was used as the starting point for this new 24v Dry Cell so you can be sure it will follow the the same path as the their 4″ cells which are now considered the Best HHO Dry Cell available. worldwide


HHO Dry Cell Kit Fixes Smog – Now What ?

Hey California hho installers; Creating The Best HHO Dry Cell Kits

Here is a good note from a customer who got good results with a dry cell Kit from He installed the complete Dry Cell Kit in one car an switched it over to another and ran into “flack” at the smog shop. I hope someone can answer this.

Hello ,
I purchased the  Dry Cell Kit sometime back in June 2010. I installed this into a machine that was not passing California Smog, then passed and that particular shop never raised the issue of having an after market smog device violating California Law. Now, I’ve installed the Dry Cell into an ’87 Toyota Corrolla to minimize my pollution. Now, today, 2-4-2013, I need to have a smog cert in order to receive a license tag, and ran into a headwind with a smog shop located in Paso Robles, Cal. I was told that I won’t be able to have the car pass inspection because I’ve violated California Law having an after market pollution reduction device. I asked him to show me that particular law, he didn’t provide, but I was directed to go to the Air Resources Board Website for that information. I was told that I should have received a Certificate of Waiver from the supplier of this HHO unit in order to be in compliance with the ARB protocols.
Have you ever heard of such a law? Is there a Certificate of Waiver available?

Any feedback on certificate of waver on HHO dry cell kits would be appreciated.

HHO California – Beat Gas Prices in Calif. with HHO

California HHO Dry Cell Kits

The average retail price of gasoline in California rose 17 cents to $4.486 a gallon early on Friday. The average price was $4.315 on Thursday and $4.131 a week ago, according to AAA data.

Smart California residents have found a way out of the high gas prices

HHO dry cell kits in California

California Gas Price Beat By HHO Installers

by installing Hydrogen on demand or “HHO systems” on their vehicles.

HHO2u has been building and perfecting the most  reliable hho dry c

ell systems in California since 2008 when the gas in Calif. got out of hand. No wild promises about 100% gains, but consistent proven results of average mileage g

ains between 25% and 60%

Here is what some California hho installers have to say about HHO Dry Cell Kits from

“Got my HHO dry cell kit

yesterday! Was amazed how much stuff you supply with t11 cell hho dry cell – Tested hho dry cell kithe kit.
After finishing the installation we took the car on a run and it seems to have extra power.
We ran it About 200 miles and it seems we are getting 3- 5 miles a gallon gain.
I will test more and let you know.
Thank You so very Much
James Calif.

Hi Larry,Best Complete hho dry cell kits

The units you hand delivered to me in Bakersfield were great. Averaging about 25% gain.
If I needed two more, can you send them to me right away? Please let me know. I had bought two other units on ebay and they are junk. I am trying to return them and we would like to deal with you only when installing our Hydrogen on Demand systems.

Let me know as soon as you can.You can reach me by
phone at ; —
Thanks, Ray

If you are still skeptical about hho systems and how they work, check out many more reports at >
HHO Dry Cell Kits Testimonials
Or give them a call – Phone # is on header of every page HHO Dry Cell